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3rd Shift Life, Tips?


Hopefully I’m posting in the right section, but I haven’t found anything on this. How is everyone on night shifts dealing with gym progress, gains, getting on a smooth sleep schedule, etc? Recently got on 3rd for the past two months, and I’ve realized that my whole life is basically out of wack. Any tips on coping with nights and maintaining a healthy lifestyle inside and outside of the gym?


I used to work ‘graveryard shift’ stacking shelves (10pm-6am)…initially it wasn’t too bad, but after I while I ended
up like a sleep-deprived zombie…I honestly don’t know how people do it long-term…sorry I can’t help man, good luck.


Change jobs or get to a 1st or 2nd shift as soon as possible.

Not worth it.


Sleep discipline, melotonin, methyl b-12, vitamin d, blackout curtains, ear plugs, tanning salon, gym before shift get outside on your days off. That’s all I’ve got.