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3rd Sets of Bloods Looking for Feedback

Ok this is my 3rd sets of Labs and I am going to post some numbers looking for feedback. I have my consult next week.

These are lab corp ranges.

Bilirubin .09 Range 0.0 -1.2
ALT 35 Range 0-44
AST 47 Elevated Range 0- 40

Cholesterol 177 Range 100-199
Triglycerides 85 Range 0-149
HDL 65
LDL 95 Range 0-99

Testosterone 1498 Much higher than last time on trough day 1100 was last test
Free Test 38
T4 1.42 Range .82- 1.77
DHEA 440
TSH 4.5 Range 0.4- 4.5
Estradiol 50 Range 8-35
T3 free 3.5 Range 2.0-4.4
SHBG 57.6 Range 16-55

Red blood count 5.69 Range 4.14. 5.8
Hemoglobin 16.8 range 13-17.7
Hematocrit 50.2 Range 37.5- 51.

I am currently on 160 MG’s of test cyp a week broken into two shots. I have had zero negative sides and honestly have felt amazing since starting. Slightly concerned about my ALT enzymes and TSH… I am sure defy will lower my dosage with nearly 1500 on my trough day.

I wouldn’t be so sure of that, if it’s working… Mine is that high as well, but my free T is lower. They may lower you because of that, though if everything else looks good and you feel good then I think there’s a good chance they let you stay as-is. The whole don’t fix what isn’t broken thing. Probably depends on which doc you’re using

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Given your response to TRT, I wouldn’t be concerned with any of that.

LFTs can fluctuate and even a few drinks or a recent heavy workout can influence levels. Regarding TSH, fT3 is decent and you do not report on overt hypothyroid symptoms. I’d look at LFTs and thyroid again next time you get labs.

As for the testosterone, that can vary as well. Maybe one of your recent injections didn’t absorb right away. Sometimes the bolus does not diffuse into the muscle consistently. Usually seen when the injection is delivered too quickly and in larger amounts than yours, but still possible.

As mentioned above, there is nothing to “fix”. Don’t chase numbers.

You guys were right. Had my consult and the first question was how do you feel ? They are keeping my dosage the same. They are moving my bloods out to every 6 months now.