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3rd Party App to Transfer Everything to New iPhone?


Hey all.

So I've been fairly content staying on my old Iphone 4 up until now, but lately I'm realizing that I'd really like to be able to take better quality photos, and as I've already outlasted my last contract with Verizon, I believe I can get a free 6.

Both the Apple store and the Verizon store tell me that they can only transfer contacts and "maybe" some photos. I'm really not keen on Itunes, and never even bothered putting it on my current laptop (Surface Pro). Has anyone had success with any third party software that claims to be able to backup/clone your entire Iphone to a new device?




Why not save the photos to your computer and if you want them on your new phone, transfer them back over. That way you have copies on your computer just in case. What else did you want to transfer over, music?


I’ve got a ton of music, photos, videos…a couple of apps, but I know I can redownload the apps. One of the techs in the Apple store suggested backing everything up to the Cloud, but it only has 5G of storage, and it’s not something I plan on really utilizing enough to justify paying for more.

With the Pics and Music, I know Itunes does that, but I’d really rather not start having gigs, n gigs of music and pics on my Surface. I got this particular laptop to do “work” work, and not fill up with the usual stuff people tend to not think twice about letting pile up on their computers.

I know there are 3rd party programs that address everything Apple doesn’t make easy, so I figured I’d see what experience anyone else has had.



I’m not an apple guy but can you connect a thumb drive to an Iphone and backup your files that way? I know my Samsung S5 will do this.

I have another suggestion I will email you in the other venue.


Back it all up on your computer, then you can download it to the new phone with no worries. When I went from Iphone to Samsung I used an AT&T app that worked great, but better safe than sorry.


[quote]TheKraken wrote:
Back it all up on your computer, then you can download it to the new phone with no worries. When I went from Iphone to Samsung I used an AT&T app that worked great, but better safe than sorry. [/quote]
I agree with this. I put all my music and photos on an external hard drive just in case.


Just download and install iTunes and backup your device.


[quote]spar4tee wrote:
Just download and install iTunes and backup your device.[/quote]

That’s exactly what I did when I moved from my iPhone 4 to 5s and it transferred everything painlessly. I did have to make space on my computer for the backup but having that backup is a good thing to have IMO.

  1. Download iTunes
  2. Connect the iPhone 4 to the surface
  3. Perform the backup of the iPhone 4
  4. Connect the iPhone 6 to the surface
  5. Restore the iPhone 6 using the backup file
  6. Uninstall iTunes
  7. Delete the local backup file (optional).
  8. Delete the local pictures and music (I don’t know if the pics/music are embedded in the single backup file or if iTunes populates “My Pictures” and “My Music” with the iPhone 4 files).

I do not see any advantage to a 3rd party software. You will only be interfacing with iTunes during the backup and restore procedures and then never again.


I guess I’m just a little anti-iTunes since every time I’ve used it in the past to put music on my devices of transfer stuff, files magically disappear. Actually, I believe Apple recently fessed up to some coding to do this intentionally to music not purchased through their online store.

Lately, anytime I need something off of my iPhone I use an app called CopyToy. I forget which programs I had to use in the past though.



From my previous experience I can pull videos/photos off my phone through a regular file explorer but you can’t transfer back to the iPhone without using something like iTunes. I think iTunes is your best and most issue proof bet. Besides, as was said before, if you don’t have your phone backed up to iTunes semi-regularly and you lose it then EVERYTHING is gone since you aren’t using the cloud either.


I have a Surface Pro 3 and keep everything backed up to my NAS, it keeps the computer unencumbered but allows for easy backup and file retrieval. You might consider purchasing an external drive for the Surface so you can keep the iphone backed up. Mine was stolen last year and I do not use the Cloud, either. It was a great relief to get all my pictures back when I got a new phone.