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3rd Newsletter

For all who subscribed, please empty your mailbox as I’ll be sending a rather large issue tomorrow morning. I will not resend it to the adress which bounced.

Is there somewhere to download the first two?


Good stuff in this issue

Damn, CT. Those before pics from “The Beast Evolves” were about a year ago. Kind of crazy how much different you look.

I never recieved the first 2 after emailing and asking for them :frowning:

Anyway I can get hold of them now, and get myself on the list?

How do I get a copy as well?

Did the 3rd one get sent out today?

I got the first two issues but if this one was sent out i missed it.

Plus i dont think it was a lack of space issue cause i emptied my account beforehand.

How much space do I need? I didn’t get it yet either. I can handle some big emails too.


I had some problems with my delivery server. So about 50 peoples out of 800 did not receive issue no.3. I’ll try to send everything again later today. However I cannot send messages to individuals on the list, only the whole list. So some of you will get it twice.

Yes, is there a place to download the first two (and this one I suppose) and where can we subscribe?


Same question as Plisskin…

How do we get the first two and this one…and how do we subscribe?


i feel special…i got two!

There is no online archieve so far. I don’t have time to have my own web page. If anybody wants to create an online archieve, no problem.

I’m special too then :wink:

where do you subscribe for the newsletter? … and what about getting the first two issues?

CT mentioned before the first issue was put out that the mailing list would not be added to once the issues were mailed out. One of those, you snooze you lose scenarios I guess. Maybe he’ll change it, but I know he’s got quite a few people on that list already and he’s quite a busy guy.

maybe t-mag can archive them for you? i’d like to see them as well, my email sucks.:confused:

3rd? Hell, I didn’t get the first two? I’m not getting any of them.

Someone, please archive them. Hell, I’d do it if I got the issues.

CT, i got it but when I tried to open it it said the file does not exist.

If someone has web space that they can create an online archive with, then PM me your e-mail address and I’ll be happy to send you all three issues to upload so everyone can download them. However, I’m only going to send them to the first person I get the PM from b/c I just don’t have time to send it out to everyone.