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3rd Meet Results

NASA Regionals

Waukesha Expo Center

Masters 1 (40-49) / Un-equipped / 181

body-weight: 8 weeks out , 188 ; 3 days out , 184 (after 4 days of high water intake) ; friday night weigh-in , 179.75 (after 1.5 day drought) . calorie intake was only slightly altered leading up to meet ; diet was cleaned up about 1 week out .

goal : 920 pounds . this would beat my first equipped meet’s total by 1 pound .


1st lift 315 1 white/2 red called for depth
2nd lift 315 good lift ( but still felt shaky)
3rd lift 347 good lift (easiest of the 3)


1st 200 good lift
2nd 210 good lift
3rd 215 3 reds ( bar stopped at about 10")


1st 305 good lift ( too light for opener)
2nd 341 good lift
3rd 352 good lift PR (had another 15 in me)

Total 910 missed goal by 10 pounds .
largely due to meltdown in the mono-lift

lessons learned…

squat : severe meltdown on 1st attempt . I think I didnt get enough cool-down between warm-up and 1st lift . over stimulated , lack of focus , stupid-fuck type of shit .even the 2nd one at 315 felt squirrely . I was fully expecting a PR attempt of about 365 on the 3rd lift . but I didnt want to risk another missed lift , so I took 347 . everybody said the 347 was the best of the 3 lifts . go figure . this was a classic case of the “head-fucks” .

bench : wasnt expecting anything here ; worst lift , and the hardest for me to gain ground on . however , the fact that I missed the 215 so high shows progress from the past of missing the same weight barely off the chest. previous accessory focus has been on chest/back mass ; time to switch focus to tricep strength (2 brd/3 brd/narrow-grip accessory work and ME work) , while continuing with DB work in the 5 rep to 10 rep range .

deadlift : the final lift at 352 was a 7 pound PR . it came up quite easy . pretty sure I had another 15 to spare . deadlift training the last 10 months has been less frequent than what I used to do , but with more accessory moves (GM’s , SLDL) ; but it seems to have progressed more than I realised . that rocks . ala Westside ?

next 6 months : starts with a week off . then another 2 weeks off from squatting ; really need to let my foot get healed . probably start back up with some box-squatting to get the foot going again with lighter loads .
then I’m thinking back into Westside style training or 5/3/1 .
emphasis will be placed on triceps training to get that bench moving ; but not neglecting the need for additional upper body mass as well (lats/chest/delts).

next meet on the radar is the Halloween night WI NASA Meet . again un-equipped , hopefully 181 . I’ll run an 8 week peaking cycle prior to that .

Great job. On the PR too. Im headed for my first meet and Im worried I might get freaked out my self. Well Im more worried I wont make weight. So you get a big GOOD JOB all around.

I would recommend giving up the smokes; that should help a lot.

Kidding, of course.

I admire you for getting out and just doing it. Keep posting!

Hey MM - Great meet. Congratulations on the PRs.

Your traning plan is sound. You are right on the verge of a PR on the bench.


Thanks guys

Galaxie…all you can do is try to stay calm ; often thats easier said than done . good luck , and post up your results . meets are a blast , so have a day .

sfp…4 years smoke free ! thats how I came up with the screen name…haha . thanks .

Rick…it’s good to hear someone agree with a plan . 215 or 220 falls next meet . 950 is the goal for a total .

actually , I shouldnt bitch about the bench not progressing , considering my 1RM was about 150 when I started going to the gym at a body weight of 185ish .

MM, just took a look at your profile. That’s some awesome progress and great numbers. Keep it up!

Just saw this thread! Congrats on your comp!

I have a few years before the 40-49 group, but that’s my goal (for now). Depending on how I progress I might decide to do one before the big 4-0.

You guys are some inspiration!

Woah, your back!

Looks like you had a good meet!

[quote]sfp wrote:
MM, just took a look at your profile. That’s some awesome progress and great numbers. Keep it up![/quote]

uummmmmm…profile needs updating

my bad

been training PL style 2.5 years ; started at 43 years old with no previous athletic background .

meet legal maxes the day I started were :

squat…sub 265
bench…sub 175
D.L…sub 275


D.L. …350

That’s still good! I wish I had your squat. Hopefully I soon will. Good job on the smokes too! ; )