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3rd Meet Results/Thoughts/Plans

Had an awesome time Saturday and Sunday.
Handled 3 first time lifters on Saturday. All hit PRs, no injuries, and I believe my 132 Junior set a state record total… will find out for sure soon. He weighed in at 132.4 Friday evening at 5 and managed to put on 8 or 9 pounds before we started lifting Saturday. He went 330/235/370 I believe. He has two more years as a junior so we may chase some records, at least for RPS…
The other two lifters, both females, one a teen, did great. Took home a 1st and a 2nd in their divisions.
I lifted Sunday and was shooting for a 1200 total. Weighed right at 198.
Went 7/9 and am very pleased. Could have been a little smarter with attempt selections, but I feel good about going for broke on the bench and deadlift. Walked away with 1189 and very happy.
I still have a lot to learn but am happy with the progress I’ve made over the last year.
11/11/16: 1061 @ 176
4/1/17: 1125 @ 189
11/12/17: 1189 @ 198

Gunna try to start packing on some size, shooting for the 220’s next year (I am 5’10"…), But I’m not rushing to get there. I feel I need to hammer my upper back, quads, triceps, and core, and continually work on perfecting my from. Feeling good for 30!

For the next few months I’m going to sprinkle in some Olympic lifting again, which I enjoy. Ill still bench 2x a week, 1 alternating heavy squat/deadlift day per week, and 1 volume squat + speed pull day. I’m thinking I’ll try this whole conjugate thing out with my squats and bench, and see if that helps my elbow pain while still straining often.

The video of my lifts for this meet are in my training log.



All kinds of gains… all kinds.

Inb4 SHW end of next year #FuckWilks

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I don’t think my wife would be ok with me being a SHW…