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3rd Meet, Lots Learned

Meet day. Had a shitty meet due to issues outside the meet itself, meaning self inflicted wounds.

But, beat my last meet PR on squat by 17 lbs

Then tried to go on and beat it by 45 lbs with a 485 lb squat. I thought I had it, but got called for depth. Oh well, another one in the books and learned to better listen to my coach.

I think if I was dialed in I’d grind out a 500 lb squat today, at depth. Gonna hit it again in December and redeem myself.

Comments welcome on form, etc.

Looked close and moved fast. You got it by December. Do you like competing in RPS meets?

Yeah brother. Good organization. 58 lifter ranging from entry level women benching the bar up to a local strong dude who hit a 991 lb squat. Lifter’s meeting at 8AM. Bar was loaded for the first lifter at 9AM. 3 flights, we were done by 2.30PM.