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3rd dec workout + clips

PowerClean and SplitJerk clip - first is 155lbs and then rest is 185lbs. Holding onto bar in the rack now, which has stopped the bar looping forward and back, no more chest bruisining as well

SplitJerk form is better, foot placement needs work

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Band squats -190 and 270lb sets, plus the cutie I captured at the start ^^

Squatted in Chucks BTW, full depth no problem.

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workout that day

WarmupCoreWork + Plyos

Rest - 30secs alternating between each exercise. 1min between pairs.

Back Extensions x8, +15lbs x8
Incline situps x8, +15lbs x8 with Russian twists to each side at the top, arms held outstretched in front with plates.

rest - 45secs
Low ankle jumps - 2x10secs
Med ankle Jumps - 2x10
Bulgarian Splitsquat ISO hold - 40secs each leg (up 10secs)
Low Fullsquat Jump on toes x10


Warmups - QUite a few sets and reps with the bar, do Hang lifts, power and split jerks, squatcleans, powersnatch and overhead squats, drop jerks etc

Rest - 1 to 2 mins

PowerClean+ SplitJerk - 89lbs, 109lbs, 129lbs, 155lbs

rest - 1.5mins - All with hookgrip
PowerClean+ SplitJerk - 185lbs x 5 singles

Powerclean 185x5

Overall form is much better than last week, still need work on foot placement on the jerk, but it’s coming along.
Shoulder flexibility is much improved, I have been shoulder dislocates every workout, and those overhead squats and squat snatches with the bar felt pretty good.

Full Olympic Squat + Light Bands - RAW - in Chucks

Light Bands kicking in one inch off the bottom - wrapped around 25lb plate on the floor, with another 45 ontop.
Band tension - bottom 0lbs , top 120lbs (?)

Warmup sets
Bar x10, Bar+bandsx5, 95+bands x3, x2, 135+bands x3
Tempo 10X0 rest - 2mins

155lbs+bands x3, 190+bands x3, 210+bands x3, 230+bands x3, 250+bands x3, 270+bands x3

rest 3mins then
triple cluster set - tempo X0X0
140+bands - 3 reps, rerack/rest 10seconds, 3 reps, rerack/rest 10seconds, 3 reps

Man did 270lbs with bands feel scary! The bands really catapulted the load downwards, had to put on the brakes hard at the bottom.

Bits and Pieces

Alternating sets between each exercise - 1min rest between

12inch Stepups
Tempo 10X0 +30lbs in dumbells 2x10 - each leg, explosive

Explosive GluteHam Raise on Incline Situp Board
Tempo 20X0 2x6 - using hand to help

Single Leg Back Extensions
Tempo 20X0 2x12 - 6 reps each leg

Supported Hanging Leg raise curlup extensions
Tempo 2020 2x9, then angled to each side altenrating x10


Reverse Hypers
BW x12

The bottom sure doesn’t look like 0lbs w/ the bands. there seems to be some tension left. btw … I hope you’re going to ask that girl who bent over for us out for a drink or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Please post more clips of the hot chick bending over.

you need more tension at the bottom.

Great when the vid pauses on the first frame!

Hey col looks like you could do more weight, ha ha ha:)

Always looks like you’re training in a different place, is that the same gym as normal?

Look slike training going well, you planning on having a break over xmas?

I bump into her quite often :slight_smile:
It was funny, because when I set up the camera, and saw she was blocking the view, I thought damn. Then I realiased it wasn’t such a bad thing after all :stuck_out_tongue:
She’s nice and trains hard too.

Goldberg -
the the bands start to kick in an inch off the bottem, I don’t want to wind anymore tension with the Purple bands because then the middle gets too hard, but yet the top is still too easy. I have tried wrapping em around a 35 before, quite a big jump in band tension from the 25s I used here. I think I may have to add a set of greens for just the top third.
Will have to experiment.

Same gym, different location, they moved next doors. Umm I hate the new building!
Low roof, much lower than the warehouse style premises they had before.
I can’t do any powerrack chins no more, nor do any jumps :frowning:
It just looks like an office block, becuase it is :stuck_out_tongue:

Training going well, started to do push presses as well, and all loads are feeling more comfortable all round. core is getting much stronger too.
The sprints help here somewhat as well.
I did a ton of lifts with bar warming up the olys, and I didn’t not feel out of breath like I normally do.

Break? I’ll see when the time comes :slight_smile:

You know those slow eccentric squats I did? Well I found they improved my flexibility - go figure

I can now touch me heels in a sit and reach etc :slight_smile:

quoting CT

Christian Thibaudeau
11:24 PM

Definetly! During very long isometrics (we’re talking up to 240 seconds here! But generally in the 60-180 seconds range) the blood flow to the muscle is significantly halted. However, once you relax said muscles there is what is known as reactive hyperhemia: a prodigious increase in blood flow to the muscle. This will greatly help with muscle recovery.

Tony Schwartz, Tom Myslinski and I have been working on a training technique combining very long duration isometrics/eccentric actions in the stretched position to increase flexibility, muscle mass and recovery capacities at the same time! The method will be described in my upcoming pdf book

hmm guess I really did improve my flexibility with those long eccentric paused squats… :slight_smile:

Hey CoolCol,

Im just curious, Ive seen your clips often (and the one with the hottie is specifically nice) but I was wondering, what routine are you on?

Also, what do you use to make youre clips?

CCJ, thanks again for another great clip. I added it to my archive for reference. Peace.

routine? I guess you could say it’s something I slapped together myself :slight_smile:

clips? digital camera footage edited with Vegas v3 and then compressed down to mpeg