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3rd Cycle

Ok, so I am looking into my 3rd short cyle. First cycle was 3 weeks long and was sustanon frontloaded 500mg day 1, 250mgday 2 and 250mg e3d with tren ace 35mg ED. Second was Test prop 65mg ED and dbol 30mg ED for 2 weeks. Why only 2 weeks? Because prop made me fucking ill. I mean, deathbed ill. I couldn’t even talk. That lasted for 9 days, with 3 different companies. So, no more test prop for me. Right now, I am in PCT of that second cycle for another week, then 2 weeks of everything, get some bloodwork done, and if everything is good, I am going to start this cycle. My stats are: 20 years old, 6’1, 215 pounds. Bodyfat is really low, way below 10%. Since I am running a short cyle, but I don’t use prop, I am going to frontload again.

Day 1 front load 500mg test cyp and 150mg tren ace with 30mg dbol.Day 2 will be 250mg test cyp and 50mg tren ace with 30mg dbol. Day 3 and on will be 250mg test cyp e3d (until the 11th day of cyle, then I am going to stop the test in order for it to be gone by pct time), 50mg tren ED and 30mg dbol. Arimidex on hand, but I didn’t need it in my previous cycles. Pct will be clomid 200mg on day one and 80mg nolva, day 2 to day 14 100mg clomid 40mg nolva, day 15 to day 21 50mg clomid and 20mg nolva. I was thinking of running the cycle for 4 weeks. Opinion are highly appreciated.

How are your gains on these short cycles

[quote]BUDs wrote:
How are your gains on these short cycles[/quote]

Weight wise: I started my first cycle at 96kg, finished at 102,3kg, after pct ande verything was over 100. Injuries and life got in the way, went back to down to about 94kg, but interestigly, I was bigger. Bigger as my t-shirts didn’t fit well anymore. Second cycle, I went from 96.6 to 99.2, but as you read, I was sick as fuck. I am now standing at 98kg, leaner than ever. I have striations on my inner and outer quads, as in chest and shoulders. So, weight wise not very much, but size wise, I am satisfied. Also, my strength gains have been really good, even in these short cycles. Don’t have exact numbers, but I always find myself increasing the wieght in every exercise I am doing.