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3rd Cycle with Test. Please Critique as I Add Other Compounds

I’ve had 2x great cycles of Test E only, one at 500mg and one at 600mg ending with some anavar.

For my next cycle in a few months I’m thinking about trying a different Test Ester as well as some Tren and an Oral to kickstart the cycle:
Weeks 1-10:

– Testosterone Propionate at 100mg/week
– Trenbolone Acetate at 400mg/week
Weeks 1-4:
– Dianabol at 25-50mg/day

I’m not too sure if the Test P will keep me just slightly above TRT levels. Should I bump the Test P to 200mg/week?

Ill be taking either arimidex 2x /week, with hcg 300iu 2x per week starting at week 6

Let me know your thoughts and if you have a link to a better one then let me know!

With 100mg of test there’s a 0% chance you’ll need any arimidex. Otherwise that’s a common cycle design. The low test/high tren approach seems to be great for the guys who’ve used it.

Skip the dbol on this run. The tren is going to be doing all the work, so you might as well make it as uncomplicated as possible for yourself.


Whats your thoughts on 250 test weekly, 300 EQ weekly and 25mg tren daily?

You’re not usually running a long enough cycle for EQ to make sense. Tren cycles are usually shorter, EQ runs are usually among the longest cycles out there. Too different to reconcile in this case.

Edit because I am assuming a few things within a hypothetical situation. If someone ran EQ for 20 weeks but wanted to add tren for eight weeks within it I could see the value.

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My blood work on my current trt shows my overall body test level at 1400, 2 months ago i threw in 50mg tren ace daily dose instead of 100 mg every other day and the sides whooped my ass so i came back off and thats been a month, I no EQ takes time and im ok with that just like to back the tren dose down to 25mg day and hope i dont repeat the sides problem, I no its all bro science and trying to figure out what works on low dose over longer period of time

What duration would you run this? I was thinking 10 weeks?

Is this a good mild cycle with results comparable to running 500mg test e, would you think?

I dont see the point of this cycle? What is the goal?

Probably would see much better results with 250 Test weekly, and 50MG Tren daily, without even having EQ in it.

No cycle with tren in it can be deemed “mild”. I’m a firm believer that if you can’t gain on test and lots of food then skip the gyn membership and gear, save your money, and invest it in a few meme stocks.

I do 250 test weekly and the 50 mg tren daily made the sides horrible, i dropped it down to 25 mg daily and no sides and feel good, throwing Eq in the mix because of the mild sides and feeling good about that also

WhAt AbOuT BoLdEnOnE aCeTaTe?

I hear the PIP is horrendous with that one… others also appear to experience fever, perhaps as a result of blood concentration of boldenone rising so rapidly. I know testosterone has an immunostimulatory/leukocytosis inducing metabolite (etiocholanolone I think)… hence the notion of “test flu”… perhaps boldenone has an equivalent, yet more potent metabolite… but the slow release/build up of EQ wards off significant side effects from becoming apparent as the body eases into higher and higher concentrations of the drug

The more I read about EQ the less convinced I am that it’s as “safe” as people try to say it is. I think people believe that “mild” is synonymous with “safe” and assume that, because EQ doesn’t blow you up like crazy all at once, it’s a safer choice.

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No eq, just wanted to try tren and a trt dose of test.

Point is to bulk a bit

Same rhetoric goes with oxandrolone, stanozolol and whatnot. People say “no acne, gyno, balding etc… it’s safe”… no… it isn’t…

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