3rd Cycle Thoughts? TestP, TrenE, Primo


How’s it going? I’m planning my 3rd cycle and was wondering what you guys thought of it, changes, recommendations are welcome!

My stats are: 28 yo, 1’83 m tall (6ft), 80 kg (176pounds), 15%bf. Been lifting for about 14 years, taking it super serious since about 8 years. Training 6 days a week.

My bodytype tends towards an endomorph, always have to keep my macros and diet on point, but even then I tend to hold on to subq water.

I got surgery for gyno when I was a kid so I have no problems or concerns with gyno.

My first cycle was with the intention to bulk: went up to around 206lb bloated as fuark

Sus 500mg/week 12 weeks
Deca 200mg/week 12 weeks
Proviron 1 tab a day

I got super bloated, got huge, great strength but wouldn’t do it again because after cycle and PCT I was still more on the big but fat side.

Second was about 1 year later, irresponsible for a second cycle, with the intention to cut: was a cutting cycle and was at around 190lb pretty lean

I was so desperate to get lean and loose all the water retention/cut. Dosages were low, really didn’t feel any sides, except from being a little short tempered at times. Got amazing results in terms of clean gains, hardness and decreased bf:

TestP: 200mg/week - 12 weeks
TrenAce: 200mg/week - 12 weeks
Primo: 200mg/week - 12 weeks
Mast: 200mg/week - weeks 8-12
HGH: 3IUed / 12 weeks

PCT: Clomid, HCG , Proviron

Third cycle 5 months later: I had a stress breakdown at work some months ago and pretty much lost all my gains, had to change work, trying to get back on stats (now at 176lb 15%bf):

This is what my post is about, I really liked the results of my 2nd cycle but I was thinking of simplifying it a bit:

What do you think of:

TestP: 100mg EOD/12 Weeks
TrenEnanthate: 100mg E3D/12 Weeks
Primo: 10mmg E3D/12 Weeks

What do you think? Changes? Suggestions?
What would you recommend for ideal PCT for this?

Thanks in advance! Greetings!

Just gonna leave this here I’m 5’8 190lbs and I’m fat as FUCK. And natty

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Your stats would not indicate this. My best advice would be to reevaluate your training, diet, sleep habits, and lifestyle. There’s gotta be something wrong here.

This sounds a lot like me. But at your height you could be a solid 230-240 by now at ~20% bf with 14 years of training. I got up to a solid 220 and I’m only 5’9". Buuuut, you’re gonna cycle anyway so do what you want. Just fix your PCT. Run the hCG during cycle, not during PCT. Don’t run Proviron during PCT either. Also unless you have a reason to run clomid over nolva, I’d recommend running Nolva, 20mg/ED for 8 weeks. It’s more effective than clomid at half the dose. You could probably also save some money and drop the primo.

that back doee damn

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truthfully OP, drop all the harsh compounds and just cruise on some primo and test maybe deca, truthfully you have ran 2 cycles and already did more damage to yourself than a years worth of just test… just cruise and make gains for the long run.

Thank you for your response buddy, I think i will keep it simple and go for:

1-16weeks - 100mg TestP EOD
1-16weeks - 100mg Primo EOD

What would you recommend for PCT?

Thanks a lot for your fast response, actually visually people tend to think im over 200lbs but I’m not.

I really wouldn’t want to get size/weight along with bf because it would be very very hard to bring it down.

I’ve always tried to make steady gains controlling bf% since its very hard for me to bring it down, my weight and size has fluctuated a lot over the years since I would clean bulk and get size along with bf% up, then hate the bf% and try and cut it down, etc.

About HCG: From where I’m from all the experienced users do HCg on PCT since they argue it is mixing signals within the body, there are so many different arguments about this, i’m all ears.

Im thinking about simplifying it to

1-16 weeks 100mg testp eod
1-16 weeks 100mg primo eod

Unsure of what PCT to run though

Steroids shut down your production of LH/FSH. The whole point of hCG is to mimic LH to keep the boys producing and keep them from atrophy-ing while you’re shut down on cycle, but just like taking steroids if you take hCG the body will not produce LH. The whole point of nolva and clomid is to help stimulate natural LH production so your body will get back to normal. Taking hCG and proviron (a steroid) during PCT is counterproductive because they both keep your natural LH production shut down. Do some more research on this and learn how the endocrine system works rather than listening to that “mixing signals” broscience bullshit, and you might come to similar conclusions. Take hCG throughout cycle and up until 2 days before you begin a PCT of nolva only, enjoy your non-shrinking balls, and a strong recovery.