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3rd Cycle: Test, Oral, Other?

Hi everyone, nice to find a site with lots of information and somewhere I can get advice and constructive criticism on diet, training, and pharma.

I am 24, 6’2" and 225 lbs sitting around 14% BF right now. I have been training since 18 with only a few periods of time on and off. I have completed the following 2 cycles:

1: Test E at 500 mg per week W1-10, Dbol at 25 mg per day W1-4, Nolva PCT
2. Test E at 600 mg per week W1-14, Deca at 400 mg/week for week 1-10, Adrol at 50 mg per day W1-4, HCG throughout, Nolva PCT

On cycle 2 I got up to 265 around 20-22% BF and loved it. Wanted to be visibly large and strength was awesome. Now however, I am more interested in sculpting and muscle growth as opposed to pure size.

I am happy with my diet and training schedule (4 day split with cardio on off days (run 5 miles usually)) and since I am a mesomorph, I respond well to diet and training changes. Anytime I am noticing changes (for the worse) I am quick to react and change.


A cycle containing Test E, some kick start via oral(s), a second injectable, HCG for testicle support for lean gains. I don’t want to blow up too much.

I do not want to venture into slin, hgh, or tren land, but am interested in some things people might recommend.

Thank you everyone!

How long have you been off cycle?..
Im looking at your on cycle vs off cycle stats, is there a reason why you lost 40 pounds?..
Where you running an AI on cycle?..

About 2 months after PCT, I did a nice cut to harden up and get rid of some excess weight I put on over the cycle. The big detriment to my training (and body) was a rotator cuff injury I sustained. Lost lots of weight just due to minimal upper body training. Seems nearly all upper body exercises utilize the rotator cuff assembly. I did make progress on lower body/core though.

In any case, it wasn’t 40 lbs lost due to quitting or lack of work/training, partly due to injury, partly due to cut I did in the months after the cycle. I was happy after my cut but the rotator injury really threw me. I am now back to regular training and although I can feel the rotator still, I have regained the stability and strength and am focusing on strengthening it more now. I plan to run this cycle mid 2012. Also, as I said, my goals have changed from pure mass and size to tone and muscle building.

I did not run an AI during the cycle. I did not have any serious negative side effects from either cycle and responded very well (in my opinion).

This is my personal advice (important: personal): don’t use deca. It’s suppressing for months and month after use. I don’t like it.