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3rd Cycle, Test & Eq


Hello all. 3rd cycle time, thought I'd share it with everyone and attempt to keep a log here. Also, if anyone has any feedback or criticisms I'd love to here them. Previous two cycles were basic beginner cycles, Test E 500 mg/wk for 10 weeks, then Test E 750 mg/wk for 10 weeks.

Goal of this cycle is mainly strength gain, cardiovascular improvement with some minimal LBM gains and fat loss.

195 lbs
11% BF

Bench: 355 lbs
Squat: 455 lbs
Deadlift: 515 lbs

I'll be cycling clen throughout 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.

Week 1-2: 500 mg/wk Test Prop (EOD), Test E 300 mg/wk, Equipose 400 mg/wk, 0.5mg Adex E3D, 500iu/wk HCG
Week 3-14: Test E 300 mg/wk, Equipose 400 mg/wk, 0.5mg Adex E3D, 500iu/wk HCG
Week 15-16: Taper Equipose and Test E down, 0.5mg Adex E3D, 500iu/wk HCG
Week 16-17: Taper down Adex
Week 18-21: Right now, the plan is Clomid at 50/25/12.5/12.5 because it's what I have. I might throw in some Nolva as well, but I currently don't have any on hand.

My thoughts:

Jumpstart with Test P for 2 weeks, give the Test E and Eq (long and longer esters) time to build up in my blood stream. So I know it won't be a perfectly smooth transition, but hopefully I'll go from 500mg/wk AAS in my systems to 700mg/wk AAS right around the 2 week mark.

Ride the Test E / Eq for the next 12 weeks. I'll be getting bloodwork done once or twice throughout, and will adjust my AI based on that and how I feel.

Equipose has a slightly longer half-life than Test E, so I'll start tapering it down a week before the Test E. The last week of my Test E taper, I'll be off Equipose.

Taper down my AI to almost nothing, then start PCT for 4+ weeks. I've never cycled this long so I may need to be more aggressive during my PCT.

Any thoughts / suggestions?


^well, not to throw a monkey wrench into your thought process here, but i think you might be trying to do too many things with this cycle.

for strength, tren would be the go-to product. anavar as well, but price always seem to be an issue here...

for cardio, i'd avoid tren, and look at something like albuterol/ephedrine, which would also help with fat loss.

i guess this isn't very helpful, but maybe you could run a strength cycle, PCT and then run a cutting cycle right after?

EDIT: my bad, i just saw that you're running clen on this as well...


Any suggestions on how to change it as stands or alter any of the timing with various compounds? It all makes sense to me, but I'm relatively new at all of this so I could be missing something.

Obviously can't go with tren because I'd like to keep or improve my cardio during this time.


are you an athlete, or competing in a weight class?

without some background stuff, it's kinda hard to give more specific suggestions...