3rd Cycle. Test E, Tren Ace

Hey there . So Am considering to start tren ace woth test e. I don’t have test prop with me its mybthird cycle and am a lil skeptical hope ubcan help me out brother .
So u have decided ti take 150 mgs a week of tren ace with 250 mgs of test e a week
I have anastrozole as ai which ill be using 0.5 eod
Is this ok?

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Most won’t need anastrozole with only 250mg Test E per week. Tren doesn’t aromatize so you only need to base your AI on the test. I would let the test build up in your system for a few weeks too before starting the tren. I’ve never taken it but I hear that you need to inject ED with Tren, just an FYI.

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And what about caber do i need to use caber at all

Caber would be in the event you suffer from prolactin related sides. That’s anybody’s guess but I suppose good to have on hand even with your Tren being of low-moderate dosing.

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Thanks a-lot for your time brother​:blush::ok_hand:

at only 250 mg of test e he might as well front load it, no? he could do just pin like 1.5cc the first time and be good to go

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This is a breath of fresh air… someone using gear responsibly!!! Props to you mate (being serious)

Drop the adex though


Hey man do u think i should up my test e
I wanted to pin 250 mgs a week of test e and tren ace 150 mgs a week
And caber o.5mgs once a week
And 0.5 mgs of arimidex eod

I’ve been on 350mg of test e and tren e for 3 weeks and haven’t had any need for arimidex or caber.

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Don’t use caber just because you have it… use it when you NEED it. Caber absolutely destroyed me when I was on tren

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Owhh okay
Would u tweak anything in my protocol
Like i said about 250 to 300 test Enanthate a week
With tren ace about 150 to 200 a week
Arimidex 0.5 mgs eod

Pct nolvadex first week 80 mgs with clomid 50 mgs
Week 2 nolvadex 40 mgs clomid 50mg
Week 3 same
Week 4 same
Thanks for replying brother

Can’t comment on tren ace as I used enth, but a little bit goes a long way.

I absolutely would not be using arimidex on 300 test.

That PCT is horrible mate. Check some more threads on here as PCT has been discussed a billion times

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This. Lets say you know you have a history of high E2 issues such as water retention, mood, BP etc. Even then you wouldn’t want to run .5mgs EOD. That’s a shit ton.

how do you like tren enth?

At the beginning I loved it, felt great, training was good and was fucking the girlfriend 2 to 3 times a day

After a few weeks it became an issue as I was starting to get weird dreams such as my girlfriend cheating on me when I know she wouldn’t and having so much sex was actually kinda annoying. The night sweats were also a pain in the ass.

Had to use caber as my prolactin was through the roof and ended up going from feeling like I was king of the world to feeling like shit almost overnight.

Will not be using it again.

Usually in the context of steroids the needle is what causes the pain in the ass? Are you sure it isn’t the needle?


Lol …

Hey man does tren ace stacked with test e in small doses cause hair loss??

Dependent on genetics… some guys shed like a motherfucker, others are fine

It has no affinity for the 5 alpha reductasd enzyme, still manages to be incredibly androgenic despite having no 5 alpha reduced metabolite

My advice to you is not to use tren though. There are far more deleterious consequences than gyno or hair loss that can stem from AAS use

That being said you said you were only using 150mg weekly, this is a very responsible way to go about usage of a drug like tren and will garner you good results if you train/diet efficiently

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Thanks a-lot brother :100: