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3rd Cycle: Test E and Deca

Hi, I’ve read alot of good information on this site. I have a question for anyone educated I’ve ran 2 cycles.
1st 300mg test e a week with climid as pct… that was it.

2nd 500mg test e a week with; liquid anastrozole at .025 and sometimes .050 eod and clomid/nolvadex as pct

On both cycles I ran a high estrogen. I was uneducated and tried getting as much knowledge as I could.
My current levels are at Test serum 543 ng/ml…Estrogen Total 78 pg/ml… prolactin 12.8 ng/ml.

Im wanting to run a Deca cycle for my third and final time before I start trt

  1. should I change anything about this cycle to help me get maximum gains as well as keep my estrogen low and levels looking and feel good all the way through.
  2. Concerned about dosages as well as should I run Decca higher then test e. I hear running less of test e and Decca is always better which is why I ask should I lower either

1-14 Test E 500mg wk
1-12 Deca 300mg wk
1-3 Dbol 10mg 1in morning 1in evening
1-14 Liquid Anastrozole 1mg eod

clomid 50/50/25/25
Nova 40/20/20/20
gw - 50156 20mg day 5weeks
mk2866 25mg day 5weeks

Any of your knowledge will help.

  1. Keeping your estrogen low is a good way to retard your gains; estrogen is incredibly anabolic, neuroprotective, cardioprotective, and it’s essential to functioning properly. Don’t keep it low, keep it in a place that doesn’t cause you side effects. Big difference.

  2. Whomever told you to run nandrolone higher than testosterone wants to sleep with your woman/man. They’re trying to give you deca dick so that they can move in on your territory once your partner sees your sad, flaccid wang. Combine higher nandrolone and your plan for low e2 and you’re genuinely asking to have no sexual function for the duration of your cycle. The doses you listed (500/300 test/nand) are good. Don’t change them. Absolutely change your anastrozole dose from 1mg eod to ‘as needed’.


Probably overkill. Still to .25mg or .5mg like you did before. Running e2 on the higher side is going to help you grow

Within a healthy cycle range is definitely key! Should’ve worded that better.
But thank you for the tips. If I wanted to run Decca and test e lower then 500/300 what would you recommend to try and get the best results with how my levels look currently?
Ive heard running lower dosages of both like 400/200 or 300/150 works great as well but just want someones advice that has a higher education on this then I do. Thanks

Ok my reason for running a higher dose is because I have a pct from southern sarms and I swear its fake but I could be wrong. Its a liquid and I’ve been told most liquid anastrozole is less potent.
I used it when I did my second cycle and my total estrogen went up to 100 pg and if I can remember I was doing .5mg eod

Gains will progress in a linear way up until the point of diminishing returns. In other words 500/300 test/nand > 400/200. If you’re trying to pct after nandrolone—which is already an absolute bitch and a half—then you probably need to maximize what you’re doing on this cycle. Normally I’m an advocate for lower doses because, well, they work for 99% of people. But nand and pct don’t really go together, so you’re kind of in a position where you have to make the risk worth the reward.

I guess there’s no real way to know, just dose on how you feel & lab work

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That is well put thanks for your advise

I had a question what should your E2 be ranged between off cycle and on cycle?