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3rd Cycle: Test C, EQ, Tren E, Dbol

Hi guys.
Iam 34 y, 187 lbs , 5’7 ft , 14% bf. Had 2 previous cycles, 1st test e 250mg twice weekly for 12 weeks with eq 300mg twice weekly for the last 7 weeks, 2nd test p 100mg EOD with tren a 100mg EOD for 6 weeks with hgh 4iu 5 days on 2 days off for 4 weeks followed by pct. Now I planning to go to third cycle as follow:
Week 1-10 test c 250mg twice weekly
Week 1-10 eq 400mg twice weekly
Week 3-8 tren e 200mg twice weekly
Week 1-4 dbol 30mg Ed
Week 3-10 hcg 500iu weekly
Week 2-10 arimidex 0.5mg EOD
Week 5-8 caber 0.5mg e3d
Week 12-16 pct
Any advice please?

That’s a waste of EQ. You need to run it much longer than 10 weeks for the effects to be worth the cost. Because that ester is so long it really takes a while for it to cause noticeable effects. And that isn’t just anecdotal, the chemistry of it is pretty clear.

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Thanks mate


I’m looking to run it on my next blast but only for 10 weeks with a huge frontload. I thought the drug starts work as soon as its injected.


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Any other suggestions?