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3rd Cycle Recommendations?

cycle 1 was test only (500/wk), cycle 2 test (700/wk) & anavar (50/day). minor gains (gear was good), guessing due to years and years of training (20+) so already at a pretty high level. any recs (erring on conservative side) for cycle 3?

What’s the goal?

Powerlifter so looking for strength gains wo a lot of added mass.

Winstrol is great for strength but the stress on your body can be bad news for a power lifter, I suppose. Maybe tbol? Much less weight gain than something like dbol, but decent strength. Everyone raves about strength on tren but I have no experience so I can’t say for sure. Probably doesn’t meet the standard for “conservative”.

Why not try high test and anavar again? Maybe your results will be better the next time around? If it’s legit var then you should see a decent increase in strength. Plus it’s great for collagen synthesis, which can only help. Maybe add in some EQ as well?

I appreciate the feedback. What test and anavar specifics would you rec?

Tren has been a thought but the sides not so much

Dont know much about equi. Please tell me more- how would that protocol look?

Anadrol is my compound of choice for strength gains. Maybe some form of test, kickstart with 30 days of anadrol. It’s harsh on the liver, so I wouldn’t run it for the whole cycle.

Heard good things. Outside of limiting duration, any additional precautions w it?

Also, is it often faked as anavar is?

Not as much as anavar. Anadrol is a much cheaper compound. If it is faked, it is probably a bunk pill whereas fake anavar is often dbol or winstrol. Other precautions are increased aggression. There is also increased estrogen; however, not due to aromatization, so an AI is not useful. Nolva or raloxifene can be used to prevent gyno if it becomes an issue.