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3rd Cycle Questions

Hey guys,

Just completed my 2nd cycle of sus only for 12 weeks. Great results, starting PCT in 3 weeks and already planning my 3rd cycle.

Had great results with the sus, compared to test e which I used for my first cycle so thinking about keeping that. Here’s what I had in mind.

Sustanon 250: 500mg p/w for 12 weeks
Deca: 300mg p/w for 12 weeks
Dianabol: 40mg p/d for first 4 weeks
Followed by PCT obviously

I was wondering if I should add something towards the end of my cycle to loose some fat and get ripped like Tren or Winstrol. Or should I replace the Deca with a cutting steroid for the entire cycle.

Never done a cutting cycle before. Don’t want to loose mass, just want to gain more lean muscle and get ripped/ loose fat.

Thanks in advance :+1:

What you posted is a classic “wet” mass building cycle. I assume since it’s your third you’ve analyzed the risks of Deca and are willing to roll the dice. This isn’t going to give you any sort of cut look at all. I’m not a fan of Winstrol and don’t like two/extended orals due to health risks. Just my personal threshold though. You could try test/eq with a Var finisher instead which is akin more to your goals. There’s always Tren which would be the king of recomp for you but again that’s past my risk threshold as well.

Ditch the Deca. Terrible drug for a man who wants to retain sexual ability. I would swap for EQ or if funds allow, Primo.


Deca usually requires a longer cycle than 12 weeks. Additionally, as Singh said, there’s some sexual functioning risk with it. Consider this instead:

18 weeks total (before pct)
Weeks 1-14
Test (assuming sustanon)
Weeks 14-18
Weeks 16-18
Weeks 18-22

EQ has a long fuse. You can’t pct right away with it (ditto deca). So once you’re off the EQ it’s still working its way through your system and you’re still benefiting from it. Once you stop using it and the sustanon simultaneously you’ll still be supraphysiological. So for the last four weeks hit the dbol (not too hard though) and use the last four weeks, as the test and EQ half-lives start to unwind, to add that last little bit of size. You’ll roll into pct nice and strong as all the drugs are clearing. The hcg should be used since it’s such a long cycle and it can only help recovery.

Otherwise, if your heart is set on nandrolone and a 12 week run, you’ll need to get NPP instead.

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Hey Iron_yuppie,

Upon further research I have decided against the Deca. I am quite interested in your cycle suggestion. What would be your dosage recommendation for each part of the cycle?

My history is as follows;
First cycle: test e 500mg p/w for 12 weeks
Second cycle: sus250 500mg p/w for 12 weeks

I was thinking of increasing the amount of sus on my third cycle to say 600 or 700 mg p/w and using 40mg p/d of dianabol.

Why do you suggest that I use Dbol from weeks 14-18? I thought it was used predominantly for kickstarting a cycle at the beginning.

Also I don’t know much about EQ and HCG.
I will research them but could you give me a rough idea of how much of each I should use.

I like your challenge to the orthodox use of dbol, but for instance i find dbol hugely estrogenic. Is that not a challenge so close to pct time ? (i have no problem with aromatising compounds, in fact i enjoy the easing of sore joints) more concerned with the suppressive nature of estrogen at the end of a cycle.

Also as an aside, very much agree with EQ as a test supplement, and suggest replacing the EQ with Mast for the last 3 or 4 weeks, to allow the EQ to clear out of the system at the same rate as the test, also for the clean look the OP is looking to acheive.


I agree that the use of Dbol at the end of a cycle is very unorthodox and I probably wouldn’t do it out of fear of gyno.

My research has told me that if I run 600mg of sus per week then I should run 400mg EQ with that. Would I inject 400mg once a week or 200mg twice a week?

Use Nolva in very low doses with the dbol and gyno concerns disappear.

I’d say something like this would be suitable, assuming all other aspects line up:

Test: 500 (or 600-750 if you tolerate it at higher doses; but 500 should usually be enough)
EQ: 600 is a good starting point. It can raise HCT and RBC more than any other compound, so don’t go crazy. Guys run 1g+ of this stuff, but don’t feel the need to do that yet.
Dbol: 20-30mg, max. A little goes a long way. At 20mg I need to use an AI, even with my low trt dose. So don’t go too hard with it out of the gate.

Anyway, I neither endorse nor encourage anyone to follow my advice. This is of course for entertainment purposes only.

Would you suggest I inject 600mg of the Eq once a week?
300mg twice a week?
Or 600mg spread across eod?