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3rd Cycle Prop


23 years old, 6'7 270 lbs roughly 11-12% bf, My goal is to become 300lbs at the end of this next 12 week cycle while staying under 13% BF. My last two cycles consisted of sustanon 250 and dianabol both cycles i gained roughly 20 lbs on a 750 mg a week protocol. Im not looking to start my next cycle for another 7 to 8 weeks im just looking for opinions and ideas to help this next cycle achieve my goals and go as smooth as possible. Here are my thoughts for third cycle.

Equipoise Week 1-12 @ 500mg a week.
Anavar week 1-6 @ 50 mg a day.
Either Test Prop (short ester) or Test E (long ester) week 1-12 @ 500mg a week
HCG weeks 2-12 E3D 250 iu
Adex weeks 2-12 .5 everday
PCT Clomid weeks 15-19, 100mg first two weeks then 50mg last two weeks.

As you can see im trying to figure which testosterone i should go with so any suggestions are appreciated. Nothing written here is set in stone so feel free to post what you think of this cycle or add another steroid you feel would suit my goal of gaining 30 lbs better. Thank You and Happy Lifting.



these are my 2 cents for your goals

Better to run EQ for at least 16 weeks due to slow build up. So go for 16 weeks cycle.

Eq 1-16 600mg
Test E 1-16 500mg
Anavar 1-6 50mg
HCG 1-16 250 IU EOD
Dex 0.5 EOD


Nolva 40/40/20/20/20
Aromasin 25/25/12.5/12.5/12.5


Frontload the EQ instead of running it longer.

I think you should end the EQ around 4 weeks before you start PCT due to the length of the undeclynate ester.


@ Matt, is their any particular reason you chose to use Test E in the example you provided over Test Prop?



He wants to put solid 30lbs

Test E will stay longer in the system thus the body will be for longer in anabolic state

for example a 12 week cycle when considering the half lives is really almost a 14 week cycle

almost everyone seem to agree that EQ should be run for at least 16 weeks for optimal results because of its slow build up


what do you think don't you agree?



If you want to go for a little stronger cycle and seriously build up you could something like this

Test E 500mg 1-16
Tren Ace 40-50mg ED 1-7
EQ 600mg 1-16
Dostinex 0.5 2 times a week


Nolva 40/40/20/20/20
Aromasin 25/25/12.5/12.5/12.5

This will build up quite a lot of strength due to adding the Tren Ace which will act almost immediately while the EQ will also protect the joints whilst you increase weight

You will probably look hard too providing you eat right

Tren will be used only for the first 7 weeks at moderate dose to be on the safer side and still providing good amount of strenght

just my 2cents


Who agrees to this? 16 weeks on EQ will keep you suppressed for a total of 20 weeks (at least). I think front loading the EQ is a much more effective method than waiting 6, 7 or even 8 weeks before you "feel" the EQ by doing a standard dosing protocol.


Some people like to FrontLoad some other don't.

Many reccomend to go for 16 weeks for optimal results - just read the posts - others like to FrontLoad like you said.

That's all.


Its stupid not to front load such a long acting ester unless you've never used the compound and don't know how it will affect you.

What posts? I see at least 12 as a recommendation, not 16.




At least 12 but 16 weeks is better due to slow build up

A lot of experts say this

There is always debate aniway


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EQ really does nothing for me, to be honest, except for make me insatiably hungry, to the point where I don't feel "right" unless I'm eating. I wish I had had the experience you had on it. Lol - EQ reshaped my body, but I think in the opposite direction of you.


Me no like EQ at all


We can agree on that


Both those comments are getting me excited, BBB's because of the great results you got, and BlastCruise because of how hungry you were all the time, I am trying to gain 30 lbs so insatiable hunger would definitly help :slight_smile:

Do you guys think i should just run the EQ/Test E, and not use the anavar, Ive read anavar is apetite supressing. I included it purely because a friend just gained 23 lbs in 8 weeks on var alone (First Cycle). Matt had an idea to switch it with tren ace, but I do not want to do tren purely because of the sides associated with tren that I have seen and heard. Weight Gain is main priority. Thanks Guys


Anavar won't be your main compound for purely weight gain.... but it certainly didn't affect the hunger I had on EQ. None whatsoever. I use it to try to limit weight gain while increasing strength. That being said, if weight gain is your main priority, switch up the anavar to dbol for the first 5 weeks and you'll gain much more "weight" - most likely, not all of it will be muscle, but the scale will certainly move. Not to mention 5 weeks of dbol is probably 1/3 the price of 6 weeks of anavar.


Alright guys, im about a week and half out from starting my cycle and i have a few final questions, First off, my cycle is going to be EQ, Test E, and Masteron, not anavar as previously stated. I am going to front load the EQ and run it a minimum of 12 weeks. My question is, I have been reading Prisoners Test Taper protocol and really want to use that to come off cycle but i do not know when i would come off the EQ?

EQ Week 1-12 at 500 mgs Wk
Test E Week 1-12 at 750 mgs Wk
Masteron EOD week 1-12 at 300 mgs wk

So if i wanted to test taper the test e and masteron according to prisoners protocol (sticky) should I discontinue the EQ at week 12 while continueing the test e and masteron until about week 14 then begin the taper protocol to let the eq levels fall a bit? I have HCG, Adex, and Clomid on hand at all times.

(Im on vacation so i may not respond for a couple days)


Question, is their a max recommended length of running masteron, I know with compounds such as winstrol and dbol that says you shouldnt run more then 6 weeks. I ran into someone who mentioned that masteron should not be taken over ten weeks? Is their any truth to that?


Day 14 of 84, Ive gained 7 lbs so far, several people have commented i look more defined. i actually didnt weigh myself until today, cause i felt like i had lost a bunch of weight but i gained 7 lbs so far. Strength is noticably more, endurance is much better. Diet has been nearly perfect. Really liking results so far especially cause most of it hasnt even kicked in yet :). Happy Lifting