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3rd Cycle Plans, Need PCT Planning Help


bf% about 15%

Im getting ready to start my 3rd cycle and all i have ran in the past is test and this one I'm trying to step it up.
weeks 1-4 Dbol 50mg ED
1-12 test E 250mg mon and thurs
1-7 tren ace 100mg EOD

1. I have read alot about pct with tren and alot of people say that nolva in your pct can cause gyno, is that true? Can I use Nolva for a pct after tren?
2. Do I absolutly NEED hcg, because I havent used it in previous cycles
3. When should I start my pct?


Yes, use Nolva.

HCG is useful, particularly if you want to have kids any time soon, but not absolutely necessary.

PCT should start 2 weeks after your last pin.