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3rd Cycle Plan. Not Perfect But is it OK?


Due to the gear I have left over/ got my hands on, (1 x enth, tren A x 6, test pro x 4, Anavar 300 tabs). I'm planning to run the below cycle, I know ideally the test should be ran on at least the same level as the tren but the $20 postage + $25 western union transfer would piss me of for the sake of 2-3 bottles, though if I must then I must!!!

Cycle is

Weeks 1-8- Test p 75mg ED
Weeks 1-8 â?? Tren A 100mg ED
Weeks 1-8 anavar 50mg ED
Armidex .5mg ED


day 1 150mg clomid 60mg nolva
day 2-11 100mg clomid, 40mg nolva
day 12-21 50mg clomid, 20mg nolva.

I always resond well to PCT and its not long after the cycle when I'm back get inappropriate stiff's on the high street,

this is my 3rd cycle first was test e @ 500mg 12 weeks
2nd was test E @ 500mg 10 weeks and tren A last 8 weeks 150mg EOD

I got good results of both but wasn't a fan of the water retention of the test E even though it disappeared after a few weeks.

First cycle results were let down with I got sent down just as i finished cycle for 2 months (nothing serious) so there was some loss due to diet and only half done PCT

Looking to cut up and add some solid gains this time around