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3rd Cycle Options

Hey guys new to the forum. Been lurking around for awhile though. I’m thinking about hitting the sauce again but needed some input. Im 25, I’ve been lifting consistent for a few years now. I’m floating around 9% bf and sitting a little above 200 lb. I’ve ran a couple ph cycles and 2 steroid cycles. First was 12 weeks of test e 500 a week split into 2 pins Mon and Thurs. Used hcg and adex on cycle. Pct was daa and clomid. Went pretty well.

2nd was basically the same but I did 50mg of dbol a day for the first 4 weeks. I’ve read quite a bit and I want to cut more with tren. I was thinking about keeping it simple to 1 ml of cut mix eod for 10 weeks it has 50mg of each tren, test p, mast. Of course caber on hand adex .25 eod hcg 250 iu twice a week then clomid 50/50/25/25 with daa and erase. Then I was thinking about doing 1/3 ml of cut mix ed and adding 1/4 ml of extra tren ed. Roughly would come to 245mg of test p and mast and 420mg of tren per week for 8-10 weeks depending how I feel.

Any suggestions or input from you guys would be appreciated. Criticism welcomed.

that blend will dry you out but you can’t control whats in it… your also doing low test high tren, it can be done but you’ll very likely regret it

For the second option it’s higher tren but from what I’ve searched that lowers the side effects of tren by running just enough test but not too much. That’s just what I’ve read though there’s so many opinions of running the test higher or lower than tren that’s where I’m getting confused. The first option is a ratio of 1:1 I don’t know if that’s better or not? I won’t be running this for a couple of months, I just want to get it all together and make sure I’m doing it as correctly and safely as possible. As far as the rest of the cycle any suggestions or critiques?

I like your tren dose at 420 mg, personally I d add higher test (around 750 mg) and possibly another injectable, like winny at 50 mg ed or deca at 500 mg ew.

I’m thinking of going the 1 ml eod of cut mix cycle. Just because I think it’ll ease me into tren for my first time. I was thinking 1 ml eod then up it to 1.5 if I can handle it well. Do you guys thing a 1:1 ratio would be ok? How about the low levels? I know 50 of each isn’t much but that’ll be the most gear I’ve ever done in a week about 600mg per week and the fact that it’s tren and 3 different compunds, would that be enough?

Keep it easy with Tren man. No need to do more than necessary. I always advise 25mg ED of Tren for first timers. If you’re Tren is legit you will feel it at this dose. Pinning ED is optimal with Tren’s ester. Makes a noticeable difference IMO. I’m not a big fan of the cut mix but if that’s all you have go for it. Would much rather see you do something like:

Wk 1-10
Test E 500mg/wk

Wk 1-4
Tren Ace 25mg ED

Wk 4-8
Tren Ace 50mg ED (If you think you need more)

Start Tren Ace while your Enanthate ester slowly builds up will really help you feel the Tren more than anything and how you react to the drug. Therefore you’re able to make your decision on whether you’d like to up the dose, remain the same dose or drop the compound entirely. When the Test kicks in you’ll really be loving the cycle if you stick to the Tren at either dose. I’ve ran high amounts of gear several times but when it come to Tren and other certain compounds I feel like more isn’t always the answer. Good luck.