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3rd Cycle, Need Your Suggestion


i am 27 , 10 years training . 6.2 250 LB .

I signed up for a lot of these forums but most of them instead making fun , they wont and they cant share with you anything . i hope i can find some good people in here .

ok guys i have a lot of stuffs in my mind going on for my 3rd cycle but i really dont knw which one is better and safest one . i had dbol and test e in my last cycle and i wanna just cut as much as possible and gain some lean weight ,,,

people recommend different cycle so i will post in here and u guys tell me or just let me know a good cycle which considering to my situation i can choose :

option 1

1-16 test e @ 300mg
1-16 eq @ 600mg
12-19 var @ 80 mg ed
17-19 test p 100mg eod

Option 2

Weeks 1-14 500mg of test en
weeks 1-14 400-600mg of EQ
weeks 12-17 100mg masteron eod

option 3

Just test p and Anvar

option 4

Test prop 50mg
Mast prop 50mg
Tren A 50mg


I would run just test honestly… 1 gram of test a week would give you better results than any of the above, and be way cheaper

make sure you run an AI

and a pct (unless you are trt)