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3rd Cycle. Need Advice, Might Be Overkill

Age 26
Lifting for 9 years
Weight 235lbs
BF% 13
Height 6’0
3rd cycle.

In this cycle i plan to add: Testosterone Enth, Dbol, Fina, and HGH. I will also be doing HCG throughout the cycle.
For PCT i will also be doing HCG in addition to nolva.

Here is my outline.

Weeks 1-10: Test E @ 1000mg a week, split into 2 500mg shots.
Weeks 1-4: Dbol @ 40mg per day
Weeks 5-10: Fina @ 50mg a day
Weeks 2-12: HCG @ 500ius a week split into 2 shots.

Weeks 13-14: HCG @ 500ius split into 2 shots
Weeks 13: Nolva @ 40mg a day
Weeks 14: Nolva @ 40mg a day
Weeks 15-16: Nolva @ 20 mg a day

If i can afford to get the hgh then i will map it out like this:
Weeks 1-4: 2ius a day, 1 shot per day
Week 5: 2.5ius a day. 1 shot per day
Week6: 3 iu a day. 1 shot per day
Week7: 3.5 iu a day. 1 shot per day
Week8-12: 4 iu a day, 2 shots per day. Morning + afternoon
week 13: 2iu a day until kit runs out, 1 shot per day

  • I will have letro on hand in case of gyn

Complete waste of GH. By a mile. And it should not be used every day. More research.

I read about that. Is that the 5 days on 2 days off thing?