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3rd cycle Mast Test Var


How ya doing guys.

Going to start my 3rd cycle. First was 500mg of Test E for 12 weeks. With Nolva PCT (No AI, had no signs of gyno, rebound etc). Bloods done to confirm.

For my 3rd(Feedback of dosage, stack, pct is what I am after), I was thinking Mast P Test P Anavar
- Test P Wks 1-8 @ 100mg EoD (same syringe) Multi compound injection - higher dose? lower? ED?
- Mast P Wks 1-8 @ 150mg EoD (same syringe) Multi compound injection - higher? lower?
- Anavar Wks 5-10 @ 50-100mg ED. Should this be wks 4-8??? Lower dose? Will have thistle on hand!

- Nolva 40/40/20/20 ?? When to start if running var to week 10??
- Clomid - If neccesary- In my opinion, (I haven't needed it in the past; EVEYRONE IS DIFFERENT), but then again that is why I am here.
- HCG - Can't get.
- Can't get.

- Probably too high for Mast. @ around 13-15%

Keep in mind I have NOT started this yet, it's merely a few thought processes


Run var at 100mg, 6-8 weeks.