3rd Cycle. Looking for Advice, Not a Roast Session

27 years old going to be my third cycle, never done anything crazy. Two years ago was my first of just test Cyp for 8 weeks and did one about 6 months ago of test and tren. Always have ran on the low side don’t like pushing it too much because I’m lucky enough to have good genetics and seem to react well. I’m 603 200lbs. At the end of my last weighed around 215lbs and hurt my back from being lazy and not stretching enough so wasn’t able to lift as hard as needed and cut down pretty hard for summer to around 7%. I’m looking on advice on the next cycle. Plan on starting next week just wondering if you’d change anything. Unfortunately not able to get HCG but have rebounded well so far from the last two.

Start Weight 200lbs @9%
Goal Weight 220lbs @10-12%

4500 Daily Caloric Intake Carb Cycling
400 High Days
250 Mid Days
100 Low Days

Decrease Caffeine
Decrease Sodium
Increase Fiber Intake
2 Gallons water daily

Multi Vitamin
Fish Oil
Liver Support
Vitamin B5

Week 1 - Week 6 11/06/17 - 12/18/17
Test Cyp- 250mgs Weekly
Deca- 250mgs Weekly
Tren A- 200mgs Weekly
Arimidex .5mgs daily

Week 6 - Week 8 12/18/17 - 01/01/18
Test Cyp- 250mgs Weekly
Deca- 250mgs Weekly
Arimidex .5mgs daily

Week 9 - Week 10 01/01/18-01/15/18
Test Cyp- 250mgs Weekly
Arimidex .5mgs daily

PCT Week 11-12 01/15/18-01/29/18
Arimidex .5mgs daily

PCT Week 13-14 01/29/18-02/12/18
Nolvadex 40/20/20

Would you switch the tren to the end of the cycle or keep it at the beginning and get off when the deca starts to hit full effect.? Thanks in advance.

Both deca and tren can increase prolactin. Might want to consider adding Cabergoline

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I wouldn’t run the tren at all. Run the deca for the full 10 weeks.

Just because too much prolactin build up? Only was going to run the tren because trying to keep the water weight down and keep the gains a little leaner. Luckily have a good metabolism and eat healthy but I’ll take the advice and cut the tren. Any change on dosing or keep everything the same?

Yes, for prolactin and the test and deca are great combo for bulking by themselves. No reason for 2, 19-nors in this cycle imo. The deca just getting started at weeks 4-5, so run it thoughout. Personally, I’d increase dosages to 500-600 ew for 12 weeks, but that’s just me. And if you get good gains from those dosages, keep it same. For a longer cycle, maybe your next cycle, you could run em a little longer and introduce tren to help cutting and giving you a little boost.
Keep us posted and good times.

Awesome appreciate the advice. Think I’m going to keep them low just because don’t know how the body will react. Around week 8 if not where I’m wanting to be maybe I’ll continue to run for anothe 6 weeks at 500 each. Rather be safe then sorry until we see how the deca goes with my body. Thank you for the advice

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I’m curious why you guys are recommending ‘only use either tren or deca’ without talking about dosing? It’s not like they have a SYNERGISTIC effect on prolactin. I imagine if the OP had said ‘I’m gonna run 400mg tren A’, nobody would have said ‘this is too much because prolactin, cut the dose!’ even though it is essentially the same as what he proposed here.

I’d be all about the deca and tren run simultaneously, because they do different things, and having both going together, you’ll likely benefit more overall than choosing one or the other. I love deca for joint health, and I love what tren does for my appearance. You’ll get a very long ester and a very short ester of 19-nors in your system. Doesn’t sound like a bad thing. Kinda like what sustanon brings to the table with multiple esters of test.

I agree. I never told the OP not to use tren and deca, just to be prepared for prolactin sides. Definitely don’t want “deca dick” or prolactin induced gyno. I would suggest the OP switch deca for NPP which is drier and produces less moon face

I was wanting to do the tren to keep the moon face and me a little leaner during the deca and help me stay more firm. The prolactin sides I’m aware of and i think my dosing should be low enough that it doesn’t kill me. I have not been able to get caber and not sure if I’ll be able too. 250 Deca 250 Cyp and 200 Tren too much of just right?

I’ve always heard that test should be about 2x the deca amount to keep deca dick at bay

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Pinned today for day one. Did 250mgs of sust 250. I’ll do 250 of deca Monday and another 250 of sust on Thursday again. From there on out I’ll do 250 of deca on Monday’s and 250 of Cyp in Thursday’s. Did the sust because first of i have it and didn’t want to waste the 3-4ccs left in it and it would hit the system a little quicker before the deca gets in there since the Cyp will take around two weeks. 10mgs of Nolva daily and will start prami around week 4.

Idk if I’ll catch flak for switching from sust to Cyp because I️ know there is shorter eaters in there as well but figured I’d be alright just trying to get some twst to hit the system. LMK why you think

As far as the deca dick I didn’t have any issues when I️ ran tren and test the same mgs and I’ve read deca dick is not from running not enough test it’s just about reaching hormonal balance and everyone is different. Some can run the same amounts, I’ve read some run higher deca then test and vis versa. Thinking it’s more of a learning by trial then a set rule on what it should be