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3rd Cycle Log: High Tren, Low Test


Finally got some of my damn gear..enough to run a cycle..

Anyhoo, here it is.

Weeks 1-8

Test prop 10mg ED
Tren ace 210mg ED

Adex on hand if needed

Caber .5mg 2x a week

PCT 3 days after last injection nolva 40/40/20/20/20/20

The purpose of this cycle is body recomp

Height 5'9
weight 215
BF (unknown, but top 4 abs visible)

Deadlift 500x1
seated overhead press 225x10
Incline barbell 325x1

Just did my second injection. Feeling good



day 3 feel like its starting to kick it, could be placebo though.

Past cycles

test prop 100mg ED 8 weeks
50mg Dbol ED 5 weeks
nolva 40/40/20/20
adex .25mg ED

Test prop 100mg EW 8 weeks
tren ace 100mg ED 8 weeks
tbol 50-100mg ED 3 weeks
winstrol 50-100mg ED 3 weeks
masteron 75mg ED 4 weeks
adex .25mg 2x week
caber .5mg 2x week
nolva 40/40/20/20/20/20


Good god thats a lot of tren! How were your results from cycle #2? What is your goal and diet for your current cycle?


The results from cycle 2 were pretty sweet, leaned up a lot and put on a good deal of mass.

I am carb cycling right now about 250-300g protein 50-150g carbs and 35-50g fat, I would like to be 190-200 at 6% bodyfat

3 HIIT training sessions a week after lifting


Wow, thats a lot of Tren!!!


Intense chest session, ramping up the volume a little bit.

Im splitting most of my workouts in 2 so I can add more volume but have shorter workouts


3rd shot last night, feeling good.

No problems sleeping yet

about to do 4th shot then go in for a legs session


5th shot done, no side effects yet.

Going in to train abs and do some HIIT

In 5 days I've done over a gram of tren, still keeping test really low, so far libido hasn't taken any hits.

Can't wait for this stuff to start kicking in.


Have you tried to have intercourse yet? Any depression? Sweats at night?

I did the same cycle with lower doseages but high test using bromo instead of the caber.
I just want to see if the caber negates the prolactin effects.


Well I just got a raging hard-on a little while ago.. no depression as of yet, or night sweats.

Although Im only on day 5..can't say the tren has fully kicked in yet..

but I will keep you posted.


Please do, good cycle to log. I am so curious I even made the effort to leave you this post of encouragement. THATS how curious I am. :slightly_smiling:


What is it about a high tren/low test cycle that makes it more geared towards body recomp? Would a high dosage of test negate the "recomp" effects of tren?

I was under the impression that keeping test low was to help those who suffered significant side effects...

Keeping a tab on this Walkway, I'm intrigued by your tren dosage lol


It's to lower the side effects..

the fewer side effects I experience, the more tren ill add.


Are you prone to gyno? asking because the Camber seems low for your dose of Tren......

Also, body recomp, explain. Is the Tren supposed to aid THAT significantly with shape and detail or is it your diet and cardio the really determining factors? Curious because we don't know your age, whether you've held a tight diet before, what you cardio approach is and to be honest, if your looking to lean down to 6% you need to be measuring where your at now with skin folds. Going by eye defeats your goals as you would want concrete numbers.......


As far as I know, progesterone gyno can only occurr if there is a significant amount of estrogen present, this is part of the reason why I am keeping my testosterone levels so low. please correct me if im wrong (I don't remember where I read that).

I am 21 years old.

By body recomp, I mean losing a significant amount of fat while gaining some muscle. The tren will help me to keep the muscle I already have while dieting, perhaps even allowing me to gain some muscle with its nutrient partitioning effects.

I am very disciplined with my diet...and the "6% bodyfat" was just a random figure that I threw out there. Basically, I want to be really lean, and since I don't have a particular number I am going by, I am using the mirror.


Yes apparently progesterone-induced gyno is attributed to elevated oestrogen levels. Caber will do nothing for progesterone, only combat the elevation of prolactin by increasing the production of Dopamine.
Prolactin-induced gyno is apparently related to suppression of testosterone, by way of secondary hypogonadism.

The Caber will most likely make you feel like a piece of shit after you take it, but maybe your dose is low enough to not have these sides. I along with BBB could not handle caber or bromo well.
Another thing I was curious about is, with elevated dopamine levels and lower prolactin levels, shouldnt one's refractory period decrease greatly? In theory it should...


In theory and IME, yes


6th shot down, bout to go in to train shoulders.

Am I the only one who takes like 3 minutes to shoot 2mls?

I saw a video where a kid did it in under 10 seconds..I was like FUCK!!! haha


Look interesting. Do you plan to post before / after pics?

I've never seen anyone take the "high tren-low test" approach to such an extreme, on both ends to boot.

I wish you luck,



I don't plan on posting pics here because I have some very easily identified scars/ink.

Anyhoo, strength in the gym was noticeably up today, muscles are feeling slightly fuller and abdomen looks to be leaning up a little bit.

did 10 minutes of HIIT today after workout, will likely do some sprints tonight after dinner.

Skin is still clear (I took accutane when I was 16), libido is still doing fine, and no itchy nipples.

It was a little difficult for me to get to sleep last night though, and I was shaking uncontrollably for about 5 minutes...but that happened last tren cycle too..weird

Day 6 complete.