3rd Cycle, Just Found Out About This Website


I am preparing for my 3rd cycle. I just found out about this website. The research on first two cycles was from medical journals and science publications (too scared to google steroid related searches). I thought I researched extensively. There is a plethora of experience on this site which trumps my research.

However I have found many competing/contradicting ideologies specifically on SERM and would like the members of this community to critique my cycle before I start.

I have read a lot on this site, especially The PCT SERM dosing in this forum is wrong - Pharma - Forums - T Nation

28 years old - 190lbs - 12%bf - 7 years lifting (5 years serious lifting)
I typically run german volume and 531 programs
Write EVERYTHING down including failed reps so I love the detail and calculations in 531.

1st cycle
W 1-10 Test Enth 250mg Every 3 days
W 1-12 Adex 0.25mg Every other day (reduce to 0.125mg every other day in last week)
W 1-14 HCG 250iu every three days
Post cycle starts 14 days after last dose (don’t remember details of PCT but included Clomiphene and Nolvadex)

2nd cycle
W 1-12 Test 750mg/week (375mg 2 x / week)
W 1-10 Deca 300mg /week (run 2 weeks shorter than test)
W 1-12 HCG: 250 IUs 2x/week

2 weeks after last test dose
40/day x 2 weeks
20/day x 2 weeks
2 weeks after last test dose
100/day x 2 weeks
50/day X 2 weeks

Each of my first two cycles were run 1 year apart. Last year I slipped a disk 6 months after my cycle (not in the gym) and have been working to recover sense then. I am confident I am fully healed, have my lifts back up near my PRs and ready to run a cycle again. This time I am focused on aesthetics rather than size.

For third cycle:
W 1-10 Test 400mg 2x / week
W 1-10 HCG: 250 IUs 2x/week

Here is where I am struggling to make sense of all the information.
Seems that my previous PCT was too high.

20 ED x 2 weeks
10 ED x 2 weeks
2 weeks after last test dose
25 ED x 2 weeks
25 EOD X 2 weeks

Feel free to rip this apart as well as recommend a program to run for aesthetics.

Well… At least noone demolished my post. I’ll take that as silent acknowledgement of a decent cycle.