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3rd Cycle Help

I have recovered from a serious injury that happened right around the end of my last cycle(early September). I was not able to train for about 6 months and the result was a loss of all gains, I was in the hospital for a month. I was trying to sneak in my pct but it was a mess.

So I am back strong in the gym have just started a new split and diet is falling into place nicely. After 5 months of training, (the first month and a half of that focusing on joint and tendon health as well as flexibility) I have decided to do a cycle again.

My stats are 5’8" 154 lbs float weight with 7.8% bodyfat(calliper method so prob around ~10%)
30 years old have been training since h.s. started at 119 lbs, 125 at graduation

age 27
First cycle went from 125 to 145 lost 10 then gained it back after pct through training and diet. Cycle was test e 400mgs/w pin twice week x 10 weeks)PCT nolva 40/30/20

Second cycle went from 154 to 175 at 6% bf Test e 12 weeks 400mgs, decca 10 weeks 300mgs, dbol 4 week kick start at 30mgs a day. pct roxxies, morphine, percocets and hospital food, (i dont recomend this pct because its harder on your liver than dbol and helps nothing with aas).

Cycle 3 proposal
Week 1 through 12 Test E 500 mgs week with 2 pins
Week 1 through 10 Eq 300 mgs week with 2 pins
Week 1 through 4 DBol 30 mgs/day
Week 5 through 12 200 mgs mast
Week 5 through 10 250iu HcG eod (im not sure i got this part right the way I understood the Hcg how to thread I am supposed to stop 2 weeks before the test stops)
With the amount of test in the cycle I am going to try .125mgs day adex with nolva on hand to deal with any issues then if so come up to .25 day.

PCT nolva 40/30/20/15 and 1000 iu vitamine e
Do I need anything to deal with DHT or are the levels going to be fine to just deal with the sides
thanks up

my understanding is eq should be run at a bit higher dose for longer or atleast a frontload.

HCG 250 iu 2x a week starting week 3- until beginning pct

i also feel you should frontload the test and run dbol weeks 3-7 or week 10-14
test and dbol work so well together especially when test levels are fully elevated.

you thought about running an AI?

good luck with this cycle

edit: just saw you were going to run adex

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Yep that was my weight class for wrestling and later I wanted to jump up a few. Moved into a more competitive weight class. Now I do mma for the training side of it.

So what i have read up so far the eq is like a weaker test, for simplicity sake, so if i wanted to be in the neighborhood of 650-700 mgs a week of test then 300 to 400 mgs a week of eq would be close to an equivalent of about 150-200 mgs of test. Would 100 mgs a day be a strong enough front load bchrisen was talking about. Also would I need to front load the test as well. I like the idea of moving the dbol to the middle when the test kicks almost gives me a pump thinking about it. is the mast overcomplicating the cycle or are the unique qualities of masteron a good addition to the end of the cycle. I i dont do the mast i was thinking about anavar for the last eight weeks. I have been doing my research but i just want other input from people that are actually familiar with these compounds thanks

Another thing if I want to pm someone so I could ask a question that would seem stupid on a thread but make sense otherwise how would I do so. I became a member of this forum to gain knowlege not to be flamed for some stupid comment. If a user says something that I think answers my question but I don’t quite get the application then it would be nice to know how to approach that user.

If there is someone that thinks I am asking where is the pm button then you are the person I dont need info from. What I am saying is when is it ok to invade the pm realm. I have read quite a few threads where at first it seems as if some good info could be gained then a few idiots jump in and sadly as it seems the idiot prevails and all chances of an intelegent conversation are lost.

Go to the users profile, you’ll see the link for pm