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3rd Cycle for Promising Pro Fighter


23years old 5feet7in 140lbs roughly 12 to 14 percent BF

I am a professional Thaiboxer and have been competing since I was 14. I have been on the world stage of Muay Thai as an amateur and am a promising prospect in the big leagues.

The first time I was in a weight room with an experienced strength trainer I was 16 but I have been training consistently with weights and power lifting for the past 2 years. I have cycled 2 times before.

I want the extra edge in power and strength during the fight and faster recovery during training. I eventually want to achieve muscular maturity and obtain a more hardened/ripped look but DO NOT want to gain more than 5 pounds to stay in my weight class.

I understand the amount of work and cycling that goes into obtaining muscular maturity and feel like cycling will help in every aspect of my sport. I am meticulous and consistent about my diet.

Previous cycles and Lifting Stats:
Bench Press 205 1RM
Dead Lift 245 1RM
40mg/day Var and 400mg/week Eq for 8 weeks
I have done this twice and saw improved recovery time and increased strength. Many of my training partners and friends have done many more cycles than me and advised me to add Test to a cycle but I never have for fear of water retention but have been asking my more experienced friends and reading for the past weeks and came up with this:

250mg/week Test weeks 1-8
60mg/day Var weeks 1-8
20mg/day Nolvadex weeks 6-10
50mg/day Proviron weeks 6-10
500i.u./day HCG weeks 6-8
100mcg/day Clen weeks 8-10


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Thanks for the help, I sort of want to stray away from EQ since it can show up on tests long after taking it. What would you suggest for an AI when should I begin the AI and Nolvadex? Is proviron necessary if I have an AI and nolvadex; is Test unecessary for these goals?


Well, Test E will also show up for months after your cycle.

If drug tests are an issue, pick Test Prop and inject EOD.

Week 1-8: Test Prop 75 or 100mg EOD
Week 1-8: Anavar 60mg ED
Week 1-8: AI arimidex 0,25/0,50mg EOD or E3D depending on gyno sensitivity

For such a short cycle and your young age I wouldn't bother with HCG.

PCT nolvadex 2 days after last inject.

Good luck.


sounds solid, do you think i should repeat this cycle again sometime after finishing? there is still much i do not know regarding dosages and effects but i guess that comes with experimenting and experience. thank you for the sound advice