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3rd Cycle for 16 Weeks Need Advice


I did ask before but i make some changes about my cycle. Now im planning 16 weeks to gain Lean Mass+Strength (but mostly for lean mass) cycle
Last cycle was 2 years ago This will be my 3rd. cycle
My body is too tend to gynecomastia!
Training experience 13 years.
31 years old
168 cm/5.5 feet
85 kg/187,3 lbs
bf:%19 (i will start to drop %18 and i have abdominal fat mostly like a normal weight obese)
I did start to use minoxidil %5 + nizoral shampoo for hair loss about 1 year ago

Planning This Cycle :
Week 1-16: Sustanon 500mg/week (250x2)
Week 1-16: Primobolan 600mg/week (200x3)
Week 1-18: Arimidex 0,5mg (Every Other Day)
Week 1-18: hcg 500 iu (250 iu x2)
PCT (18 days after last injection):
Week 1-4: Clomid: 50+50+25+25 mg
Week 1-4: Nolvadex : 40+20+20+20 mg

-Is this cycle and pct + mct times and dosages are good ?
-i will continue hcg 2 more weeks (14 days) after my last sus+primo injection. And i will start to pct 18 days (2 weeks+4 days) after my last injection. Is this good?
Sorry for my bad English


your cycle is a bit long. 12 weeks is fine.

I like the look of your cycle. You don't need to combine the SERMs, you can just pick either


Agreed with Yogi.

Simple cycle but no need for 16 weeks.

My last was 16-18 weeks and looking back, there really is no need.

That PCT plan of Chlomid and Nolva is exactly what the old school guys first told me to do, seemed to work great.

With newer research it is thought that lower SERM doses for a slightly longer period work better.

I would go with Nolvadex at 20mg for 6 weeks.


The only reason I would run a cycle this long would be if I was including a longer ester, like Deca or EQ. So I agree with the other, shorten it to 12 weeks.


Hello again
Thanks for all answers guys im grateful :slight_smile: and i have one more question :slight_smile:
Im an amateur about self injections and i can't be sure about incejtion times. Bcs of that i want to use my glute only for all injections. Can i go like that? or what i need to do ???:
NOTE: I heard subq hcg incejtions are not affective as im

Monday: 250mg Sustanon+200mg primo (mix in same syringe) (Left Butt)
Tuesday: 250iu HCG - human chorionic gonadotropin - (right butt)
Wednesday: 200mg Primo (Left Butt)
Friday: 250mg Sustanon+200mg primo (mix in same syringe) (Left Butt)
Saturday: 250iu HCG - human chorionic gonadotropin - (right butt)


If your doing twice a week injections you can alternate glutes. HCG should be administered SubQ into belly fat. It's painless. And it's just as effective


Hi again
If i split and combine my primo only days with sust+primo days, this mean, my each injections will be 4ml. Is this to much for glute for one time?
I will mix 10ml bac water with 5000iu hcg. This means i have 500iu/ml
and i have 100 units insulin syringes for hcg. Is this mean my syringe's
capacity is equal to 1ml right? So, 50 units this equal to 0,5 ml??? (i
will go 250x2)
NOTE: Sorry for my bad English