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3rd Cycle, First Time Using Deca and Mast. Advice on Dosages?

Hi guys I’m just after some pointers on dosages and opinions.
I’m 28, 6ft 1 and 105kg with 16% bf. I want clean gains and to reduce my bf %.
This is my 3rd cycle, I’m planning to run 300ml test e and 600ml deca p/week for 12 weeks.
I also have eq and masteron but wasn’t sure if it’d be suitable to run both or just one alongside the test and deca?
I have nolva and aromasin for cycle support and pct.
Arimidex and hcg weren’t overly effective during my last cycle so I thought I’d try aromasin, also will be getting caber shortly.

Have you run deca before? I ask because, as you probably know, deca has a lot of unwanted sides.

Yeah I have heard that, no it’s my first time with deca. Iv ran tren before with test.

A lot guys respond differently. Deca dick is a real thing and it sucks. The mast may help combat that. How was your experience with Tren? did you run Ace or Eth?

Yeah I was hoping the mast would help and a low dose of test as well.

Tren went really well, I had issues with arimidex and nolvadex clashing though and got a smidge of gyno. That’s why I went with Aromasin this time, which from what iv read is meant to be alot more Beneficial anyway.
The only other sides I had was heavy sweating, other wise felt great til it wore off. Was 500ml test with 150ml tren a week. I’d do tren again now I know not to mix adex with nolva.

I wasn’t sure if a low deca/high test, or low test/high deca, would keep sides down and give better gains.
And if running Eq and mast alongside would be beneficial or increase sides.

Sorry, it was tren eth

I ran Test and NPP hoping to reduce the sides. I still got ED. If I were you, I’d run over 750 test and forget the deca. Deca is known for water weight, and estrogen sides. I’ll ping @zeek1414, he’s knows his shit and can provide some input


I wouldn’t worry about gains right now. My suggestion would be focus on cutting and that would not involve the use of deca.

I also will never use deca. The benefits it offers don’t outweigh the potential negatives IMO.

Iv never used EQ and it’s no where in my near future I don’t like the idea of an increased appetite and anxiety and it won’t benefit you either sense you need to focus on cutting.

I agree with stud run test you can run mast as well it’s mild and has many benefits. If you want an additional boost for cutting look at anavar.

But mainly it comes down to diet and training. I get the impression that your relying to much on drugs and not enough on the two things I just mentioned. I could be wrong so don’t take my observation to heart.

Edit: if you had gyno issues on your tren cycle it was mostly likely due to prolactin. You will experience the same from deca and all the aromasin in the world won’t help. You need to have caber on hand and in your case use it sense your sensitive to the issue

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No worries il give that a go, Na I over train if anything, weights daily when not fatigued and martial arts twice a week.
iv just never been strict on diet til now as my metabolism has always been crazy. fatigue makes it hard doing fifo. Have already lost 5kg by reducing carbs.