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3rd Cycle After Long Break and I'm Confused, Need Approval for My All Questions


I've read sooo many articles and posts in different sites/forums with my bad English. And i find a different answers for my questions. Because of that, i just want to wrap up everything and i need a approval / confirmation. Can you help me please???
I‘ve hit a plateau and i can’t gain weight exept from fat. Im planning 12 weeks to gain Lean Mass+Strength (but mostly for lean mass) cycle
Last cycle was 2 years ago This will be my 3rd. cycle
My body is too tend to gynecomastia!!!!
Training experience 13 years.
31 years old
168 cm/5.5 feet
85 kg/187,3 lbs
bf:%20-21 (Jackson/Pollock 4 site caliper method)(i have abdominal fat mostly like a normal weight obese)
I m doing "hybrid" workout for mass and max strength.
I did start to use minoxidil %5 + nizoral shampoo for hair loss about 1 year ago

Planning This Cycle :
Week 1-12: Test Enanthate: 500 mg/week (Tuesday and Friday 250mgx2)
Week ? - ?: I want to add 1 more drug like boldenone, masteron, primo etc -check questions section please-) but i cant be sure
Week 1-12: Salbutamol: 20mg/day (with ketotifen 1mg/day)
Week 1-14: Arimidex 0,5mg (Every Other Day)
Week 2-14: HCG 500 iu (Monday and Thursday 250 iu x2)
Post Cycle Therapy (14 days after last injection):
Week 1-4: clomid: 75+50+50+50 mg
Week 1-4: nolvadex : 40+20+20+20 mg

1- I want to add 2nd. drug to this cycle because i'm not using steroids systematical or consistently(i cant find the right word) So im doing only 1 or 2 times aas cycle in a year. And my last cycle was about 2 years ago (Test E+ Deca+Methyltest.) According to this situation, Which drug should i add? masterone, deca, primo etc ???

2- If i add add 2nd drug to this cycle, Is 500iu/week hcg and 0,5mg arimidex eod is enough dose for mct?

3- I have Pregnyl 5000iu . People says if i mix with bacteriostatic water and keep it in the fridge (2-6 C celsius with sealed vial), i can use this mix safely for a 90 days. If its true, i can done my “entire” 12weeks cycle with only 1 ampoule hcg + 10ml bac water. But is this true?????
THANKS :slightly_smiling:


I've never used calipers before so forgive me if I'm an idiot but there's a caliper method named after Jackson Pollock???


You are too fat. I don't see the possibility of an effective recomp at your bodyfat level. My suggestion is that you just use fat burners for the time being.


it's messy, but it's the most accurate calliper method