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3rd Cycle Advise

This is my 3rd cycle ,first two just test Cy tapering up to 500 mg then back down to 100.
I’m three weeks in test cyp 500 mg /wk and Anavar 50 ms/wk (bumping to 75mg/wk),also I’m on .5mg Cabergoline 2/wk ,Arimidex .5mg eod,2.5 ui hcg m/w/f…

stats:48 yo, 6’3" 280, 15%bf ?,went from 375-to 275 in 2 years but have stubborn body fat around mid section. been on hrt 2 yrs (test only) lifting 5 days a week, and 1hr cardio in the morning 3-4 days a week…

I have a clean diet and supplement with whey, bcaa, multi vit.
question: will adding Masteron help with this stack,i,m hoping to chip away this layer of fat which dosen’t seem to go away. i tried Leangains 16hr fast, 8hr feed), it helped but lost size and strength so I think I was losing muscle. I also do 20 Mins Hiit 3x/wk. along with Liss.

I think at 6’3’’ and 280lbs and 15% bf you really dont have all that much room to grow anymore. OF COURSE i may be wrong and i dont know you, but i can see how easy it would be to lose some muscle while trying to cut down fat at that shit and low body fat %.

280 at 15% is pretty impressive IMHO

and if you really want that fat gone theres no secret —> more cardio. HIIT and steady state, mix it up a bit to keep it interesting

I’m not looking to grow actually looking to get down to 260 and lose the gut without losing any muscle. I’m afraid at 48yo i wont be able to , its very loose skin from losing 100lbs.

Eat Clen and Tren harder… get it?

yeah i’d def tren a bit harder

[quote]Grasshoper777 wrote:
Eat Clen and Tren harder… get it?[/quote]

Ahh I see what you did there

Haha we all need to tren harder.