3rd Cycle Advice

Ok, so I’ve run two test e cycles. Both were 12 weeks and a year, or 12 months apart. Currently 205lbs at 5’10" at about 10-11% body fat. I am hoping to dip down to 8% but I guess for now I’m low enough to not get responses telling me to drop weight prior to cycle instead of actual advice.

My first cycle I used solely test e at 500 mg a week. Bumped it to 650 last 2 weeks. Normal pct.

Second was var, for the first 5 or 6 weeks and test e at 500mg a week, weeks 8-10 650, and weeks 10-12 750mg a week.

My second cycle I didn’t notice much change or not nearly as much as my first cycle. I am considering running a different ester. Or decca with a cycle. I’m pretty lean, but looking to get leaner or stay this lean while adding some muscle.

Looked at test prop cycles but am open to any advice. Would prefer this cycle be around 8 weeks as I am trying to squeeze it in 3 months the best I can.

Test Prop/NPP/Var
Test Prop/NPP/Mast P

NPP is perfect for what you described. Very short ester, so eight weeks is plenty long enough for it to work, and I have yet to hear anyone on any board say that they didn’t love the results they got with it.

Or you can run tren, which is the suggestion you’ll get from everyone else on any other forum.

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I’m hoping to avoid tren, seen several people all but go insane on it. I already deal with depression and take something for it. So for me I view tren as a no go.

I’ve seen decca suggest for long ester or test cycles. I’ll have to look into npp. What would my injections look like with mast?

IY is spot on with the T/NPP/Mast. If you don’t want to go short esther (you should) then there is of course T/Deca/MastE. Your call. And again, why blast it all at once…start with T for a couple weeks, add npp for a few, add Mast after 4 weeks, and last 2 weeks you adjust up with whichever you want.

Mast p dosing is recommended as EOD. If you ran test p with it you could load them in the same barrel and do them at once, so as to cut down on the total number of pins necessary. NPP is often run EOD as well but the science tells me that you can get away with twice a week (based on time to reach peak concentration, half life, etc).

I’ll second npp over deca. Seems lots of people (on the forums, so take it for what’s worth) have issues with tren / deca, but very few with npp, even though npp is almost the same as deca (different esters / long vs short).

So, looking into NPP is there anything beyond running HCG during cycle with arimidex/aromison? with a short ester does my PCT change beyond the gold standard? Should I run more inhibitor during? Id love to get things done in 2 shots a week but I’m guessing I wont be so lucky.

Considering this cycle:
Test p 1-8 300mg
NPP 1-7 400mg
Mast 1-7 400mg

I have had good success with running HCG during to keep my boys in good order. Running adex during of course, letrozol will be kept on hand.

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That looks great, man.