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3rd Cycle Advice for New Member..!!!!

Hi Guys,
New to the site and was looking for a bit of advice please,i am starting my 3rd cycle in 2 weeks time.

week 1-14 Equipoise
week 1-15 Test e
week 8-15 60-80mg Anavar
week 1-15 A1 0.25md EOD
PCT 14 days after last pin
40/40/20/20 Nolvadex

My Stats
15% BF

Also wanted to know sud i run my A1 and Anavar rite up until first day of PCT,and sud i run HCG during my cycle and if so what doses and how often etc???

Last two times i only ran HCG after cycle and it f****d me up anxiety wise(anybody else get this)Also sud i start taking my AI 2 weeks before i start my cycle or just start from day 1,any advice is appreciated thanks.

15 weeks of Test and EQ? Yeah, I think I’d run HCG. 500-750iu/wk should be fine.
Adex should be tapered down leading up to PCT. Anavar can be ran up 'til PCT.
I don’t know why you listed how much Anavar you’re going to take, but not the amount of test or eq.

For 15 weeks bro I would add clomid to my PCT WITH novla



You said last time you ran hcg after cycle. H
cg should be ran during and not after

You can run hcg after the cycle but not during pct, you can blast hcg for 10 days the day after your last pin, but I prefer running hcg during and a little after my last pin