3rd Cycle Advice, Debating What Compounds/Dosages

Hey, im debating what compounds to run for my 4th cycle. 1st cycle was test e 300-500 mg, 2nd cycle test e 500 mg 16 weeks + var 50 mg 8 weeks, 3rd cycle 500-750 mg test e + 50 mg anadrol 5x a week before workouts

Currently want to bulk for a bit, but keep it relatively lean.

Cycle im thinking about: Test E, EQ, Deca/Masteron , dosages unsure yet, ive heard that to avoid the E1 anxiety sides from EQ i may wanna 2:1 test, EQ. I have had som anxiety issues in the past so would probably do that. Beside the Test and EQ im very unsure what i wanna add, like i said im debating deca or mast…

What would you guys run? any advice on dosages with these 3 compounds together?

My 5th cycle will be a cutting cycle using test tren var

Thanks for any advice or tips =)

Can you add some background? Age, height, weight, stats on where you are with training like max weights or rep maxes on a few compound lifts. A picture says a lot. I wouldn’t post stuff you could be identified by.


How did this go for you?

No pics, no stats. What are we talking about here?

This was me 3 years ago, classic low t, but not low enough to get help situation. like a 400 total but SHBG skyhigh, but no doctors understood this so my free test was JUST above the lowest limit - but not low ENOUGH lmao
29 y old atm

I weighed 140 lbs here, could barely squat my bodyweight. I have training experience from earlier but stopped for several years and looked like this.

So i would say taking matters into my own hands have definitely improved my life and obviously my physique. I took my first cycle about 1 and a half years ago


Good, gained about 15 lbs and PRed on every lift. Got a bit worried about my blood values after the adrol cycle, here are my tests

Sure, sorry. Don’t wanna add too many pics cuz of social media but my stats are 5’10 about 185 roughly 14% bf cruising at 180mg a week atm.
I should have mentioned that i have prioritized strength programs

bw 180
squat 405
deadlift 475
bench 275 (terrible bench, left shoulder tendinitis :()


That’s you in the current picture?

Yeah something is foul here. Obviouosly there is a pump, flex, and preferred lighting in that photo but if you’re 5’10 that photo appears to be 200lbs+ easily.


the lifts don’t equal the picture


Dont know what to tell you, i dont wanna add to many pictures like i said because of social media. But that is a pic on 750 test 100 androl pwo, sodium+water and a huge pump with great lighting

Also the picture is a screengrab from a video.

These two pictures are taken when covid hit when i was at peak bulk - i pretty much lost all my gains but held onto the fat.

The last pic is test/adrol some time later

Lmao, “a real-life potato” i couldn’t have said it better myself

Another real life potato pic vs after my first cycle

Not what i look like currrently, the picture is almost 3 years old

Sorry, i meant in that picture, to the left - i lost gains but held onto the fat (due to covid shutting down gyms in my country for 5 months)

That screen grab was from a video taken in september

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You definitely made good progress on that first cycle. The problem with the process of cycling is just what you’ve shown. You get big… lose it… get big… lose it… lather rinse repeat. How are you going to hold you gains this time?

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I probably overexaggerated when i said i lost ALL my gains.
But i was peak bulk, about to cut. And then covid hit, source for gear was not available, gyms literally closed for almost 6 months in my country, so i lost about 8-12 lbs but retained pretty much all the fat i had gained from the bulk, i reverse recomped pretty much.

This is not the norm, today i cruise and i still have 90% of my strength and gains i have made on cycles after this period

I’d just repeat what you did in the past TBH. The transformation is what most people expect when they cycle, very few actually get those results.

What I am saying is since simple (Test and Anadrol) did so well for you, stick with it until it doesn’t work anymore.