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3rd Cycle 5'8 173 <10%bf


Hi guys, I have another acct here but would rather not post about drugs with my pics posted.

Anyway I'm about to do my third cycle, hoping to compete in several months and I'm looking to gain around a keepable 10 or so lbs and wind up at a low bodyfat, perhaps doing a 4th for contest prep. Here's what I got and I'm wondering how to split it up 7500mg test prop 2500 mg mast prop and 2500 tren ace. I treat tren with a healthy respect as it was involved in my first cycle and i noticed blood pressure, heart rate, and mood swings certainly elevate, although i was smoking and in a stressful environment.

Previous cycles were: 12 weeks
1-12 //// 500mg test ent /wk e3d
1-12 //// 300-400mg tren acetate /wk e3d
1-12 //// .5 mg arimidex /day
pct arim/nolva 4 weeks (started too soon in error, probably had some test still around)
late 2010

8 weeks
1-8 //// 500 mg test prop /wk 8 wkseod (some xtra front loaded)
1-5 //// 50mg oral winstrol /day (never again)
3-8 //// 200-250ius hcg eod (kinda tapers down toward end)
pct clomid/nolva 3 weeks

For this one I had two ideas, but I would like to inquire as to the efficacy of tren at low doses, and if masteron AI effects would be good alongside tren or would be best to seperate.

10 weeks
1-10 //// 650mg test prep /wk ED (extra 1g front load over wk 1-3)
1-5 //// 500mg tren ace /wk ED
5-10 //// 500mg mast prop /wk ED
2or3-10 //// 500 iu hcg /wk ED
1-5 //// .5 mg arimidex ED
pct aromisin/nolva/clomid

10 weeks
1-10 //// 650mg test prep /wk ED (extra 1g front load over wk 1-3)
1-10 //// 250mg tren ace + 250mg mast /wk ED
2or3-10 //// 500 iu hcg /wk ED
1-10 //// .25 mg arimidex ED
pct aromisin/nolva/clomid

A few suggestions I was looking for:

Is 250 too low a dose of tren to be worth it, or would it be more productive to take the 400 seperate for wks 1-5 or 6-10?

Is that maybe too much or too long for the hcg? I read clomid helps a bit more in the hpta but ive read the converse too.

How much test is too much to use with the tren? 650 maybe more at the start may want to aromatize on me, but perhaps the added arim and mast would make it ok?

Anyways thanks for any advice
just to note in the past i havent been prone to any sides, no alot of acne (before pct) no gyno symptoms. 2nd cycle i never even felt shutdown, but tren in my earlier experience did increase BP, HR, sweatiness, (and more work to climax if that makes sense..?)and though these might be unavoidable id like to minimize.


Edit*** second cycle was completed late 2012.

I also have about 35x25mg proviron handy but have not read enough about it to have decided on its inclusion yet


most run 250iu hcg 2x/week
run adex throughout your cycle, masteron is not an AI and should not be used to combat elevated estrogen

tren is very effective at lower doses, but the higher the dose the better as is the case with all steroids

there is no "upper limit" for the amount of test that you can run with tren