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3rd Acorn Pimp Vid. This Time NY


this time NY. wonder how many they actually have.

Love his quote:


I love this. The Left uses this because it works.


Wow. Any federal dollars going to this organization should be immediately frozen and diverted. Their name is toxic now.


yup - make them live up to their own rules.


This is classic. As far back as I remember, the left has been so crooked it's ridiculous. Voter fraud in my area was rampant in democratic towns. Little old ladies would get their absentee ballots filled out by the local pols. In the town where I lived Republicans seemed to actually go and vote. It was and is ridiculous.


ACORN plans to sue Fox News for these videos and claim that they are both fabricated and false.


if they are false why are they firing people?




Probably because they have to save face, what's left of it.


"That's not the ACORN I knew!"


So ACORN's reps have no issues with child prostitution rings AND they get money from teachers unions. TEACHERS UNIONS, FRIGGIN WOW!!!!!!!

Does anything else have to be said?


Where I live, the teacher unions are like the mafia, maybe worse. It takes divine intervention to get a teacher fired, even if they commit a sexual act against a child. We have a teacher here to has been accused twice of touching a child, and has been placed on paid leave for over a year pending investigation.


that is so true. where i live we are finally able to get around the situation through charter schools. But it is slow goin, and i live in a right to work state.