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3D TV's Now or Wait


anyone have one?

Best Buy is having what I think is a good sale.
50" Plasma 3D with 2 pairs of glasses, free movie and free PS3 game for $1000.

I haven't been to a store in a while, do they let you try out the 3D glasses/TV there?

Just wondering if it's really worth the extra cost


can get same size TV alone non 3D for $700


wait till after X mas bru! Price drops and what not.


plus waiting will give you a chance to save money neh? Unless you need to have a 3D tv within 2 months......


I read an article a little while ago that said that waiting would be wise as 3D might just be a trend that might be short-lived. They said that one of the only advantages of going 3D now is to be able to brag about being the first one on the block to have one.


This is such a FAD. I don't do fads. 3D has been overdone and in most media sucks balls to start with.




I bought a 3d ready tv, which means I will have to buy the glasses at a later time if I ever decide I want them (I don't think I will). I haven't tried any of the home theater 3d tv's yet, but they don't really appeal to me.


3D in movies does very little for me, but having watched a demonstration of 3D recordings of sports, I would definitely go for it. I watched golf, rugby and soccer and the difference it makes is quite astounding.


Wait, remember when DVD players were really expensive.



They've pushed it onto us before, looks like they're pulling the big guns now.

Unless the 3DTVs are the same price as normal TVs (where is just becomes an extra feature, not the main one) and you don't require glasses to view them, I would steer clear.

It's a trap.


Every summer I go whitewater rafting in class 4/5 water. Costs about $20 in gas, $20 for the raft, $40 for food and beer, and often some extra to replace a lost pair of sunglasses.

That's some of the best 3D in the world you can get for the money.


Hook up your Laserdisc player to the 3D-TV, and attach a 3DO Gaming console (remember that?).

It will be like a shrine to wise purchases, right in your living room!

Unless 3D-TV can effectively get rid of the glasses, it won't take off. Even without the glasses, I still have many doubts.


Here's Kenny Powers take on 3d TV:


yeah get ready for some sweet animated 3d text and grahics overlays on your regular programming.

You need 3d content for a 3d tv, and as of right now, there isn't much.


I saw an article somewhere (cant find it now) that a company had developed a 3D tv that didnt require glasses. The glasses that go with the 3D tv's are battery powered (unlike the movie theater kind)

This new technology was another screen that was in front of the regular TV screen? So like a double screened TV... Something to that effect.

Basically what Im trying to say is that newer and better 3D technology is supposed to be coming out very soon and thats probably why the TV is so cheap. They're trying to get rid of all their old stuff before the new stuff comes out and then its obsolete.

EDIT: I was looking for that Eastbound And Down clip to post in this thread when I first saw the title... I posted it in another thread about 3D movies... I love that show


Two things; it's new technology which means there will be more development, probably along the order of what you see with computers - where your current technology will be dated in 6 months. Next, if it is indeed technology here to stay, the price will continue to drop as it ages. Look at plasma tv's now. There are some fantastic pricing available for plasma - not because plasma is necessarily inferior, but because it's the older technology. If 3d survives, the prices will continue to drop while the technology improves.

That said, I believe that we want what we want and our "wants" aren't always rational, nor do they have to be. If you really want it, and can afford it, buy it. Simple.


Right now Best Buy is selling their tv's very close to margin for Christmas. If anything, prices will go up after...

The 3d prices aren't predicted to go anywhere good soon. The non-glasses screens aren't going to appear for cheap anytime soon.

You're looking at a good price for that screen.


My Dad got a 32 inch Samsung 3D tv. People calling it a 'fad' might not have actually seen one. It really does give the illusion of depth on most everything you watch. You only notice it at first though... and then you get used to it. BluRay is amazing on it and even old disney cartoons (I saw Alice in Wonderland on it) had depth.

Pretty neat in my opinion.


i haven't seen sports in 3d, if thats good, sign me up

spend more at dinner than the price difference of a new tv and a new 3d tv.