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399 pg/ml Free Testosterone Level


My last lab results showed my free testosterone level at 399 pg/ml which is above the high level of 300. At what point should I be worried about adverse side affects. I'm really not feeling much different but that could be the E2 that was 38pg/ml. I'm also trying to figure out why that number was so high since I had been taking .5mg every day. I have increased that to 1.5mg EOD. I thought the soy milk I was drinking was causing the high E2 but apparently that was not the issue. At this does it can get expensive. My insurance covers the cost but I may still go to the liquidex.

Any ideas what I should be checking. This has been a problem since I started. I have needed to increase my Arimidex dose after each lab results. I keep thinking that the numbers will come back low but that has not happended yet. The last results came from increasing my Testosterone injections to 40mg EOD (and I think I'm injecting IM even with a 5/8 needle).

I have increased my Arimidex dose to 1mg/day on two occassions in an attempt to drop through the sweet spot and then stop taking it to let my levels rise back up through the sweet spot. I guage my sweet spot by my morning wood. It's difficult to tell when I'm right on but I know when I'm way off because no morning wood is very obvious and depressing. I have never really noticed a bid difference in my mood. So many things seem to affect it that if I feel a little off, I really can't say what would be causing it.


Using hCG?
A liver issue or drugs may be reducing your liver's ability to remove E2 from your body. Any 'liver markers' that are unusual?


I have been using 250 ius of HCG EOD. As far as liver markers, I'm not aware of any problems. Is there a specific blood test that I should be requesting.

I have been taking 5 mg of Ritalin daily sometime 15mg. I have been taking that for probably 13 years. That was how they treated my sleeping problem in the past. I don't have such a problem with falling a sleep in the middle of day since I got my free testosterone levels up. I have no reason to think my liver in bad shape but I'm willing to look into if you think that might be the problem. I'm also on the very lean side and been eating a low fat low carb diet for the most part but I'm not extream about it like some guys.


what are your cortisol and Thyroid numbers?

what other supplements/medications are you taking?

taking more than 1.5mg Arimidex a week seems to point to an imbalance in another area that is driving your excessive Estradiol.


The only other medication I have been taking regularly is Symbicort for Asthma.

I've been taking fish oil, DEAH, vitamine D and a multi vitamine.

I had my cortisole levels checked when starting my TRT and they were all fine. I'll look up the number again and post them.




I looked up the tests and I'll ask my doctor to prescribe the analysis as part of my next lab tests.