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39 Y/O. Could I Compete in a Natural Physique Comp. Before 40?


I’ve wanted to step on stage for a while - kind of a bucket list thing for me. However, before I invest the time and energy getting into competition shape, I’d appreciate some feedback on whether or not I even have the potential given my current state and what I need to bring up. If I were to pursue it, I’d like to shoot for sometime in 2017. Am I crazy? I would be aiming for a natural physique (I am not, nor will I be, big enough for any of the bodybuilding categories.)

I am 39, 6’2" and currently hovering around 210. My bis have always been a weak point and my chest separation (where it “ties in”) is a bit too wide for my liking - both of these are likely somewhat genetic. I can be very disciplined with my diet so I am not as concerned about leaning out when it’s time.

Here are a few non-posed shots. Thanks in advance!


Looked pretty jacked for a natural guy! Good stuff! Physique (especially amateur) has more to do with the aesthetic proportions of your body rather than size. It’s judged largely on width and development of your back, chest and shoulders, with arm size and development I think coming next. Calves of course are always considered as they indicate a thoroughly built body - many amateur physique guys sip legs too often because their quads are hidden. Big mistake if you’re looking to win.

To me, your arms look a little more advanced than your back, and slightly more than your lateral delts.
Looking good to start prepping for a show a few months down the road in my opinion.

Points of focus should be on developing lower-lats and adding some width and v-taper to your whole back, rear deltoids (look like a they’re lagging a bit too - might just be the photo), and overall chest mass.


Yeah def got a good build. Come in shredded and could do pretty well


Yes! You can.


Thanks so much for the insights - very helpful! I think the photos make my arms looks bigger than they actually are (around 17 inches) but I certainly see what you mean about the lower lats. Definitely need some continued work on the rear delts and chest as well. Again, really appreciate feedback. I’ll look to post some progress pics in the coming months…


Dude ur biceps are not lacking! If anything they make ur shoulders look a bit small, especially in the top pic.


Seventeen inch arms are very big for a natty!