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39 and Looking for Advice

Still searching for answers… Ive still been taking iodoral (25mg daily) and dont feel any better. Still sweat like crazy when im out in the heat or do anything physical. And by physical it could be something as simple as pulling weeds in my garden.

Had follow up blood work, of sorts… of course the tests were very few and somewhat pointless imho…

Testoserone was 293 ng/dL
TSH was 1.6 ulU/mL

Blood draw was at 4 pm. Both numbers are down from past tests. I thought iodoral would increase TSH? Im also curious as to why 3 doctors and an endo told me Rt3 and ft3 numbers werent relevant in the medical community? Just because im making t4, how do you know its converting to t3? Would my elevated rt3 be a sign that its not converting?

Furthermore, body temps are typically 97.1 - 98.5. Im still tired (without adderall), spend 45-90 minutes in the gym (weights and cardio), 3-6 days a week, not gaining any size or strength, still fat around the abdomin, and still sweating like im in hell wearing a sweat suit.

Can anyone recommend a quality doctor in Maryland? Im beyond frustrated.