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385x12 with a 425 Max?


I have been powerlifting for just over a year now (since getting Wendler's 531). I have made excellent gains! Here is the issue:

My deadlift max is 425. However, I can deadlift 315 for 25 and 385 for 12. According to the max calculator, my max is well over 500. I can literally barely lift 425 with every last breath of effort in my body. This issue appears in my squats too, I can squat 255 for 20 but 315 for 1.

Is this an issue? Does it happen to any of you? Is it a fast/slow twitch fiber configuration that I cannot alter? Basically, why is my strength curve like this?

Thanks guys



My guess would be one of these:

  1. Very slow twitch dominant
  2. CNS just can't handle the jump
  3. Lack of core strength to support heavier weights

When you miss a squat or dead, where do you miss at?


If by miss, you mean thats where the lift stops, its usually the very bottom when im in the hole (haha?), I cant get back up, or the deadlift usually if I can get it off the ground, its going all the way up. Ive never half deadlifted and couldnt get the entire weight up.

BTW i'm really tall 6'5 (210 lbs)


Form is my guess. I'm betting your setup and execution change with higher weight.


Did you peak up to the weight or just slap on something heavy and went for it?


It could be stability. At 6'5, and 210 you can't have much thickness to you. If your body can't support the weight, then you aren't going to lift it.


Have you tried working up to some singles? You may just not be accustomed to the weight...


Do you touch and go your deadlift reps or do you pause and reset? I'm weak off the floor as well so I do the latter.

My max is 425 also with best reps of 315x15 and 385x5.


This. Doing stop and reset reps for my deadlift does a lot more for me than touch and go. It was also significantly more difficult for me than doing touch and go at the time.


I'll post a video soon... but yea, I'm pretty lean, but 210 lbs is plenty to support the weight I'm using. Ive seen little guys 60 lbs less than me squat hundreds more than me. What would you say to that? Thank you btw.

I will try this, videos soon. Thanks

Thanks guys.


I'd have to say body weight has some type of factor in this. I'm guessing the little guys 60lbs less than you were well under 6 feet tall. Would really like to see a video of a 6'5 150lb guy squatting hundreds more than you. I would work more in the rep ranges where the problem is first noticeable. With the examples you gave maybe try 5 rep sets after your 5/3/1 set as part of the assistance work. The 1RM calculator is less accurate with more reps anyway, most don't even allow more than 10 reps. And for the squats drink more milk.


There's only 1 guy in the 148's that's squatted over 500 raw in the last year. That'd be a very impressive squat. I'm not sure his height, but he definitely looks short.

Now if you're talking about geared vs raw squats, then that's a completely different animal. The top guys would still be at least a foot shorter than you though.


By chance when you get around 425 do you feel scared? what im getting at maybe its a mental thing for you.If you have it in your head you cant do over 425 you wont.


Time for reverse bands with supramaximal weights! If it is a CNS issue, this should address it I think.

I wish I could plateau to the point that I can start using bands!

j/k about the last part. But not about the first.


I will work on this by doing more reps at the 405 area. It's difficult to do assistance work on my deadlift days because I go all out. I'm almost too tired to stretch, I have my girl foam roll me lol. Thanks Sufiandy

I think you're right about me having to put on some more meat to get my numbers up, I will work on this as well. Below is a video of one of my high rep sets. Ignore my girl, shes got a good heart... and ass

I admit I am slightly nervous, I will try to get past the mental block. Thanks

Here is a video of me deadlifting last week... critique away~! Keep in mind im still a nooby!



+1. This happens to me on deadlifts.


That was a decent video. Didn't bounce very much and stayed fairly tight.

Looked like your back was rounded a little near the end, understandable with fatigue.

I suggest pause/reset reps at the bottom as well. Right when you're about to lift, pull your shoulder blades back and use the bar to slightly pull yourself down. Flex you glutes to activate bar movement and drive with the hips after it passes the knees.


With the numbers you gave and doing 5/3/1 I assume your always getting 10+ reps on Week 1. Try stopping at the minimum 5 reps then add 10lbs to each side and do another 5, repeat once more for as many reps as you can get. You seem to have no problem with 10+ reps so stop doing it for a while. I set most of my 1RM PRs after the last set in 5/3/1. This way when I get to that weight on my week 3 1+ set I've done the weight before and in a semi-fatigued state so it makes the AMRAP set easier mentally.


Sounds to me like it's pretty simple...you don't lift in low rep ranges often, so your body isn't trained to lift well in low rep ranges, and that's about it. Once upon a time I 20 rep squatted 300, but could only squat 400x1 rep. Recently I 25 rep squatted, and can 1RM in the low 500's...much more well-rounded. It really should be as simple as focusing exclusively on low reps for a 2-4 months.


Seems to me like you guys basically are agreeing on keeping the reps low, I will do this and update you guys in a few months. Thanks.

Sufiandy, your +5lb method, should I do it as well in the second week?