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385 lb. Overhead Squat

Darian was practicing his overhead squat on Monday and got 385 lbs.
He is testing all his lifts in 3 weeks. His goal is to hit a 405 lb. overhead squat by then.
I’m pretty confident he’ll get it.

Darian Barnett
Age 18
Body Weight 167 lbs.
Overhead Squat 385 lbs.

Check out the video HERE W/F/S

I am impressed, even more so that he racked it again.

385lb feels pretty heavy when its resting on my upper back…

Im guessing hes probably got a very decent overhead press also.

Nice narrow hand spacing, makes one consider trying this next time they do overhead squats.

Holy shit!

That’s an impressive lift at any bodyweight, let alone 170. Wow, great job.

Holy shit, 2.3x BW OVERHEAD squat? Amazing.

I am shocked, how is that even possible. What can he over head press?


Who is this kid?


[quote]cutt wrote:
I am shocked, how is that even possible. What can he over head press?[/quote]

He can strict press 245
Push Jerks 365
Behind the neck push jerks 305

Today he tested his raw back squat and hit an easy 500 lbs. with plenty more left at a body weight of 167 lbs. Pretty much 3x’s his body weight. His goal in the next 8 weeks is to hit a 550 lb. back squat raw.

He’ll test his 1RM on the Overhead Squat either the end of this week or the beginning of next week depending on how he is feeling. His goal is 405 lbs.

[quote]theBird wrote:

Who is this kid?

Darian Barnett
Do a Google search for Darian Barnett Fort Myers, Fl. and you’ll find tons of videos of him.


That is insane.

God damn!

Why so much emphasis on OH squat?

Is this a frequent event in crossfit? I don’t know of any high level Olympic lifters that train this as an exercise. I suppose the Chinese or other squat jerker would… just haven’t seen it.

Edit: this is a serious performance. Huge number.

He might take awhile to respond to you, this thread is 4 years old. Ha

Thanks for the note… it got bumped to the top, I didn’t even realize it. I recognized some of the commenters.

I blame it on isdatnutty

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I didn’t realize it until I saw you respond to it haha!

Used to be (still does pop up in the games/regionals occasionally) and because it’s a good stability/mobilization exercise for less experienced athletes (read:people who won’t be going to the Olympics ever), and for advanced lifters (read: people groomed to be olympians) they might as well just to get that small extra %. I personally benefit from overhead squats (both snatch and jerk), snatch balances, and jerk recoveries because my overhead position is tight and weak like a lot of recreational lifters.

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I need updates on this guy! is he OHP 2000 lbs yet?! :smiley: