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385 beltless Slowest Squat in human history.


So lets dissect this, make fun of me and possible become butthurt.

What I notice Is i got foward and dipped under, virtually sapping every ounce of speed I would of had out of the hole.

Anyone got a criticism?


You need to shave. You look like a bum. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Need more quad work man. Make sure you’re spreading the knees.


Quad work? Wut. My quads are overdeveloped compared to my glutes and hams.


You wrote that you were “getting foward and dipped under”. This is usually a problem with the quads.

From what i see in the video, this is hardly happening, so i told you to make sure you are spreading your knees.


Why are you posting this in the beginners section?

And every time someone gives you a ‘criticism’ you jump right in to debate it.

Don’t ask for criticism if you can’t handle it.


385 is pretty beginner, at least I think so. And I debate because I’m not knowledge-less. Not because I want to defend myself or prove someone wrong, just trying to get an accurate agreement. I see what you mean DT. I can come down a lot more straight normally. I think its a self habit to drop my chest. I’ll work on it and keep spreading my knees.


There you go. Stay humble.


spread knees/ floor on the way up, activate more glutes. dude you are not weak, you can go up to 405 with a belt… and pink high tops lol.