38 Yrs Old, Want to Lose Fat

Hello all,

I am 38 years old(39 in May). I am 5’9, and 198 pounds. Been working out on and off for about 10 years, usually go really well for a 6-8 months and than somehting happens that gets me out of the routine for a few months(no excuse just get lazy) Last time I seperated my shoulder playing hockey and it took me way to long to get back to the gym. So now I am back and trying to commit to making this last.

My first goal is to get my weight down in the low 180’s. Most of my workout over the years have consisted of what I will call standard weight lifting workouts combined with HIT cardio. Normal lifting routhing would look something like the Squats, Bench press, Lat pull downs, split squats, dumbbell bench press shoulder press, cuban press etc some combination of the above with other exercises throw in.

Would go on some 6-8 weeks spurts where I would find a workout on the web and try it. I really want to try to do it right this time, so what would people recommend as a starting routine to concentrate on losing weight.

Did want to note, I downloaded the excel file with all the Chad Waterbury routines. I am a member of Lifetime fitness so have access to large selection of equipment.

To lose fat you have to go into calorie deficit. When you’re in calorie deficit, your body tries to slow down to match the fewer calories. The HIT will do the most to help keep your metabolism from dropping.

Any decent full body routine will also help you to retain muscle as it lets your body know that you’re using your muscles and it shouldn’t sacrifice them for calories.

It’s not complicated at all. Lower your food intake, keep your metabolism up and you’ll reach your goals. Presto!