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38 YO, Post Vasectomy T Problems


Thanks. This and other research has persuaded me against the gel.

Did the Clomid not work for you?


I wasn’t working with a competent endo in the beginning, he didn’t even mention anything about my morning fasting 220 blood sugar. Some doctors just don’t take anything seriously, including life, he’s looked burnt out and in his 60’s, no motivation and probably Low T himself.

The 30 years of Klonopin usage killed my pituitary gland, Clomid wouldn’t have worked anyway.




I had a similar experience recently at around week 4 (late the week before last). It only lasted for a day. I woke up one morning during that week and my right testicle was achy and very sensitive to the touch. I asked my wife for a “mercy” release and that seemed to help a little, but for the rest of the day it was still noticeable.

The best way I can describe it, it felt almost exactly like one time when I was younger (25 or so can’t remember exactly) that I woke up with a pain in my right testicle. It scared me so I went to the dr immediately. He examined me and immediately rushed me to an outpatient surgery clinic telling me that I had what was called a twisted testicle. He said if it wasn’t corrected quickly that it could cause permanent damage. When I got to the clinic and stepped into the elevator the pain immediately stopped and I felt fine instantly. The specialist examined me again and told me that apparently while walking my sack had relaxed enough to allow the testicle to “unwind” itself and that was why the pressure immediately released like that. I was always a little skeptical, but I didn’t ask too many questions due to the fact that I had a sharp pain and then all of a sudden I didn’t. Weird?

Anyway, the episode a week or so ago brought that experience back to mind. Not sure if was what you guys are talking about or maybe I had a testicle twist temporarily again. All I can say is that I woke up one morning and it hurt. I ejaculated, then went to work and the next morning it felt fine.


One more bump just if there’s any other advice out there.