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38 Years Old on TRT, Estrogen Question

Hello All!

First time posting after lurking for the last few months. About me 38 years old, 175lbs, not a gym rat but lift M-W-F and HIIT swim T-TH-S. Been on TRT for 4 weeks @ 100mg once a week with no AI, just taking zinc per their rec.

Original Labs (my primary)
Total T was 208
Free T was 5.6
She didn’t check estrogen

Day 1 Clinic Labs
Estrogen 11.3
Total T 195

Yesterdays labs
Estrogen 32.8
Total T 346

My question is more to the science as to why my T went up a smaller amount and my estrogen almost tripled. The clinic doc told me today over the phone that he was going to up my dose to 130mg and start me on an AI… for next 8 weeks then redo the labs. This sound right? I would figure if doing the math that if they are trying to get my T up to 800 on my low day, shouldn’t they bump it more than that or is now the higher estrogen at a still low level a cause for concern for them to bump too much?

I am sure the guy knows what he is doing but all sounded like it wasn’t right to me.

Thanks in Advance for the replies and help.


100mg should be plenty… maybe increase your injection frequency to at least E3D if not EOD depending on your SHBG levels. 100 usually has guys in the 800s

Thanks. I may do that, they do give you the “take them home option”.

I forgot to mention they are giving me 250iu of HCG with every shot.

Once weekly is problematic because you’re struggle to main optimal levels, SHBG will dictate injection frequency.

Increase injection frequency to an EOD or ED protocol and you wont have a low day, I inject everyday.

If I switch to a smaller dosage ED or EOD do I still need to do IM or can you do the smaller amounts Subq?

It’s a difficult question because some guys report subq is fine and others like myself had issues with high e2 with subq - since aromatase enzyme is in fat tissue, you’re injecting right into its territory where it can convert higher percentage of your T into estrogen.

Are you saying this because when you switched to im your e2 went down?

Because it’s like saying if you inject testosterone in your biceps you will get bigger biceps.

No doubt, I experience something I’ll never forget. It was as if all injected testosterone converted to estrogen.

Maybe it’s a good idea for a lean guy who doesn’t have a lot of fat tissue or for someone who can’t quite get E2 to increase.

I don’t have labs to prove it but I’m sure of it. Week after switching to IM all the nasty sides went away - brain fog, irritability, puffy face and nips etc. Maybe as the T makes its way through the adipose tissue to the blood stream the aromatase enzyme converts a bunch of it… again I don’t have hard evidence as far as labs but I know my body by now and I know e2 was jacked up on subq

I think I’ll just split the dose and take the AI for now. When I take the AI should I keep taking Zinc or stop that?

Zinc is not exactly an aromatase inhibitor, it’s an essential mineral regardless for general health I see no reason to stop taking it

I inject it by pinching some fat on my upper legs.
Taking labs next week. I feel good. But I think I have a couple of days a week that my e2 may be a bit to high.

After seeing my numbers I may try im which I never tried.

Got my weekly shot, 120mg and 1/4 tab of AI. Man this weeks shot hurt… She jabbed me in the glute and my leg shuttered. Was sore as hell within a couple hours and was hard to sleep on it for a couple nights. First time that has happened, wonder what was up with that.

She hit a nerve? If she put needle in and hit nerve you would have felt the leg thing immediately.

What length needle. I gather it must be 1.5 inches at least to hit a nerve.

It was immediate, I thought she may have hit something but a nerve makes sense. It’s all good now but was definitely interesting.

On vacation and obviously didn’t get in to get my shot, so I bought a rediject of sus250 and a box of arimidex. My trt dose is 130 but I didn’t want to waste half the test so I used the hole thing. Took 1/2 tab adex, since they give me a quarter with 130. Honestly I feel great other than my virgin delt has a bruise and is sore as hell.

Another question, I’ve read a few threads about proviron and trt. My trt clinic doesn’t test for free T, I feel like my normal TRT dose isn’t helping my Libido at all. My GP is cool and she will order whatever I want for bloodwork, I’m thinking I should get them done again so that I have a baseline for SHBG?