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38 Year Old Cancer Survivor

38 years old, cancer survivor and totally natural. I’m thinking about entering a natural show in about a year.

Besides overall mass are there any weakpoints I need to work on?

First off can we get a pick of the legs? I would recommend getting the shoulders bigger.

As a cancer survivor you are are mightily impressive. You fought a battle few people could even begin to imagine. I respect you as much as any of the huge mofo’s on this site.

Just keep bulking. You can use size all-over, which isn’t a bad thing but a good thing because it lets you keep things simple yet remain effective. Just lift, eat, sleep, and I think you’ll make great progress as long as you work hard. Don’t overthink things unless you stagnate and you are POSITIVE it’s not because of diet or recovery. Good luck bro.

More front delt work. All around, just keep up the good work. Your bodyfat is perfect, don’t let yourself get sloppy in the quest for bigger muscles.

Congratulations on surviving cancer. That’s quite an accomplishment. I would say that your traps look kind of small.

What about legs?

Go crazy on the incline bench and overhead press. As for lower body, how can I tell?

looking good overall. Your biceps are impressive- but I think more work on your delts would make your arms look even bigger. Good luck in your future comps- you should definitely go for it. BTW, what type of cancer did you have, if I might ask?

looking pretty good, nice arms keep training hard


I had testicular cancer. Normally I’m not one to initially bring it up but I had just passed my 5 year mark and was feeling pretty pumped about it. Although I had my left nut yanked I feel somewhat misleading about the whole thing. Looking back, it really wasn’t that bad.

Mentally you’re a mess but in terms of my body, after about a month, you’re fine. The cancer was caught early and there was no chemo involed. Unlike Lance Armstrong it was confined to the testical and besides radiation no further treatment was required. By the way, the lighting is bad but here’s a shot of my legs…

Amazing achievement bro, Congratulations hitting the 5 year mark!!
You look great I think a AM contest is definitely on the cards, post up your diet and training regime it would be great to see…


Well, sir- I gave you a ten for the physique+attitude+admiration for what you’ve overcome, but unfortunately had to subtract one for having the creepiest avatar I have ever seen… GRAND TOTAL= 9

Seriously, though, tons of respect not just for surviving what breaks so many others, but for for flipping it a big fat bird and coming back strong! I have seen the ravaging a body can take from cancer and the treatments even more so, so it’s always inspiring to see someone in your position.

Critiques? A man can always use more leg development (except maybe Platz?) and lats. Overall though, great overall symmetry and balance. Just keeping getting MORE of everything in the great proportions.
Luck and health, my friend!

An inspirational story. Never underestimate your achievment in beating cancer, both physically & emotionally.
Take a look at Thib’s Superhero article which will help you with the aesthetic development of your traps, delts, & lats.
Best wishes brother.

Congrats on your progress so far! I am also a cancer survivor (age 36) but I’m just past the 2 year mark so “technically” the medical profession does not consider me a survivor yet. Phooey.

I can’t wait to see your continued progress and hope to see you in a natural show coming up! I’m doing my first Figure show post breast cancer on June 30th.


Great start. I agree with you in bringing up your total mass. This should fill out your shoulders, upper pecs and legs. Your fairly lean as well. Good luck in your competition pursuits.

Our stories are similar. I am also 38 years old. Lost the right testicle to cancer (non-seminoma) in 1996, endured 6 weeks of radiation treatments post orchiectomy. I’m 11 years out and have had no relapse, Thank God, literally.

I am curious if you are open to discuss it about your testosterone levels. Over the last 11 years my T level has dropped from low normal 3.1 to below normal 1.6, I recently started using Androgel and am in the process of working with my Doc to acheive a normal T level of about 5.0. Any T issues with you?

I often thought about starting a club and call it “The One Nut Wonders”. Take it easy, Brother.

Funny, I was and still am aware of test levels but I never had them checked. I think it was because even after I had lost a nut everything was still normal.

The only thing is the past years it seemed my recovery time(and strength) dropped a little, mid-30’s, I assume it was expected. Also, I was overtraining. I’m going to have my test level checked and see if that’s an issue. By the way, why I started this whole thread, it was a fellow T-Nation member who contacted me who was recently diagnosed with t-cancer. I wanted to show that cancer isn’t a death sentance or a life without feeling 405lbs on your back ready to bang out 10 reps…

PS: Thanks for all the support


great job